Buzz: Sheets to be offered Penny-type Deal

Jon Heyman of said on the MLB Network that he talked to a couple of scouts who were very impressed today with free-agent RHP Ben Sheets.

The scouts both told Heyman they feel they were watching ‘the old Ben Sheets.’

Heyman says to keep an eye on the Cubs and Rangers, as well as the Mets, who might now want to do something ‘positive,’ in response to seeing Bengie Molina sign with the Giants.

Verducci feels the Mariners and Cardinals are a likely destination.

Heyman, as well as his colleague, Tom Verducci, believe teams will offer Sheets a deal similar to what Brad Penny agreed to with the Cardinals, i.e., one year, roughly $8 million, plus incentives.

Updated at 7:35 pm:

i believe we are about to hear a ton of rumors linking the Mets to sheets, Joel Pineiro and John Smoltz over the next week or so… i was told today that the Mets would like to sign smoltz and one of the other two, which would suggest they see smoltz as a bullpen arm… there are several other teams with interest in all of these guys, so who knows how it all turns out… but, from what i can gather, all three have legit interest in pitching for the Mets on short-term deals, and i have to think that is a credit to Citi Field and being in the National League… i mean, where better to throw one year in hopes of re-entering the free-agent market next off seasonbut, of course, money talks