Buzz: Rumors, the Mets & Carlos Zambrano

Cubs GM Jim Hendry told the Chicago Sun-Times he expects Carlos Zambrano to return to his team in 2010, and be the same ‘old Big Z.’

…that may be, but any one i have talked with around baseball has no doubt the Cubs have talked to teams about potentially trading him… which is not to say they will… but, word is they’ve certainly asked

John Fennelly of the Bleacher Report believes the Mets and Cubs, and ‘perhaps a third team,’ are in talks about a deal that could send RHP Carlos Zambrano to Citi Field, and with Luis Castillo headed to Chicago.

…i do believe the Mets would prefer to trade for a legit No. 2 pitcher, such as a zambrano, or Reds RHP Bronson Arroyo, as opposed to signing free-agent RHP Joel Pineiro

from what i can gather, the Mets and Cubs have been in contact this off season regarding zambrano, but i am not sure anything is cooking right now… in those discussions, from what i understand, the Cubs asked the Mets about castillo, Angel Pagan, Mike Pelfrey and others… that is not to say the above rumor is totally false, or true, or that it might not be something that was discussed, or could be talked about again in the future… but, right now, in talking with people connected to the team, it doesn’t sound like there are active conversations going on between the two sides… i hope that changes, though, since, like with the Royals and Reds, there seems to be a match between the Mets and Cubs, involving players like pagan, castillo, zambrano, and others

However, according to Jon Heyman of, “Zambrano trade rumors are a waste of time,” because, “He has a no-trade clause and his agents still say he is staying with the Cubs.”

…i have heard the same thing, but, people connected to zambrano have told me the Cubs have asked, and continue to talk with his agents, about whether he will waive his no-trade clause, which would suggest the Cubs have talked to teams about moving him… and so, for the purposes of a zambrano-to-the-Mets rumor, it would seem a) phase one would be finding a deal, then b) waiting for the Cubs to talk with zambrano and his agents… that’s a lot of hurdles other words, while it will be easy for people to dismiss this rumor, or dismiss the idea of the Mets and Cubs talking about zambrano, i wouldn’t… i think it’s legit… i just think there are more hurdles to making such a deal than people might realize, and that is what has me skeptical