Buzz: Package for Joe Blanton

In his blog for, Buster Olney believes the Mets can acquire RHP Joe Blanton from the A’s, if they offeer OF Carlos Gomez, RHP Aaron Heilman and RHP Kevin Mulvey.

…this is consistent with what i said earlier in the week, which is that blanton will cost at least two, maybe three, of the Mets top prospects, including gomez…turns out, according to buster, it’s gomez, one pitching prospect and heilman…

…thanks to Jason B for the link

Last season for the A’s, Blanton was 14–10 with a 3.95 ERA through 34 starts, during which he allowed an average of just one walk per start.

He made at least 32 starts in each of the last three seasons.

He is eligible for salary arbitration this off-season, and eligible for free agency after 2010.

…he’d be a nice fit, especially switching his game to the National League East…however, gomez, mulvey and heilman is a hefty price tag for a picther who, though he did well last season, had a 4.82 ERA in 2006…

if Johan Santana is not an option, and the Mets are confident heilman can be replaced, i believe i would pull the trigger on this deal, because blanton, John Maine and Oliver Perez will make a nice, young foundation to build upon over the next few seasons…and, as i have said before, it is quite clear that the only way to acquire quality pitching is to overpay in prospects…

…plus, though i’d be disappointed to not get santana, starting Pedro Martinez, blanton, maine, perez and, say, Kyle Lohse, would be a balanced, durable and semi-reliable starting rotation, especially when compared to the rest of the division