Buzz: Oswalt, Chris Young and Harang on the Market

Yesterday in Toledo, 20–year-old Reds prospect Aroldis Chapman allowed one run in four innings, while striking out nine batters and hitting 101 mph on the radar gun.

man, the market for starting pitching is getting super tight… basically, if you want a front-end starting pitcher a team must either a) develop him yourself, through your minor leagues, or b) get him from another team, before he signs a long-term extension, in return for every top prospect you have… because, the Josh Becketts, the Roy Halladays, etc., are no longer getting to the open market…

…this is why so many fans, myself included, wanted the Mets to sign chapman, who ended up inking a six-year, $30 million deal with the Reds after defecting from Cuba… in one move, for big bucks, he would have become the team’s top pitching prospect… bam… one check, one prospect

In a post to Twitter, John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer wonders, given Chapman’s performance, “Do you think this would force Walt Jocketty’s hand to possibly trade Aaron Harang?”

The 31–year-old Harang was 6–14 with a 4.21 ERA in 26 starts for the Reds last season, missing starts the last two seasons with a forearm injury, a neck injury and an appendectomy.

He is due to earn $25 million during next two seasons, after which he can be made a free agent.

In the last month, WFAN’s Mike Francesa has repeatedly said the Reds have interest in Mets OF Gary Matthews Jr., but the team’s owner now has no interest in trading RHP Bronson Arroyo.

the Padres are more likely to trade RHPs Chris Young and Heath Bell, than Adrian Gonzalez, according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.

Cafardo also says the Astros will consider trading RHP Roy Oswalt, ‘though he has a no-trade clause, he wants to get to a contender.’

Max Denby
Max Denby

That will be very good this year WHEN he plays. Big when. 

David Rivera
David Rivera

LOL calm down STAT, we'll believe it when we see it. Having said that, I hope you're right.

Rocco Gandolfo
Rocco Gandolfo

Glad to hear that Stat. Can't wait to see it in a real game. I believe.