Buzz: O'Hudson wants $9 M, Nats will give 2 Years

Bill Ladson of says free-agent 2B Orlando Hudson is asking for $9 million next season.

well, i think we all want a lot of things that will never happen, and apparently hudson is right there with us… good luck with that, orlando

According to, the Nationals are willing to make him a two-year offer.

the buzz in baseball has been, because of other free-agent second baseman on the market, and so few teams with an opening, or demand for their services, a player like hudson will likely be forced to accept a deal similar to what he made last season, i.e., one-year, $3 million guaranteed, $6 million in incentives, which would equal the $9 million he is seeking… of course, ladson doesn’t say if he wants the $9 million guaranteed… the thing is, if that is the annual salary, i am not sure why he would sign on for two full seasons… as much as he probably hates to do it, it might be best to just sign another one-year deal, like last year, and see what’s up again one year from now