Buzz: Mets work with O's on Bedard

During an appearance on WFAN, beat-reporter Sweeny Murti said, “There is news floating around that the Mets are close on Erik Bedard.”

Update8:31 pm

…from what i can gather, Omar Minaya has been dumping a ton of rhetoric around, back-peddling on his need to acquire a top-line starting pitcher, while suggesting that he may not be in the best position to make such a trade…

…in fact, a few people close to the team have suggested that when minaya said last week that trading Lastings Milledge wouldn’t hurt his chances of making a trade for pitcher, what he really meant was that with or without milledge he could not make a trade for a pitcher because he just doesn’t have the horses either way

…frankly, i’m skeptical of everything, be it positive or negative

Update8:45 pm

earlier, i was sent on a wild-goose chase suggesting that the Mets could be working with the O’s on a deal involving Miguel Tejada, paying his way to a third team, while acquiring bedard, but i don’t sense there is any thing to that



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