Buzz: Mets were Watching Jeremy Guthrie

IndexAccording to Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse, the Mets sent a scout to watch O’s RHP Jeremy Guthrie start against the the Blue Jays last weekend, during which he let up one run in 6.2 innings.

Price says the Mets are not sure about Ted Lilly’s ‘stuff,’ and may not see him as much of an upgrade over Hisanori Takahashi.

In a recent report for, Ken Rosenthal quotes one scout as saying of Guthrie:

“He should be better than he is.  He used to have a plus curveball.  Now he hardly throws it.  He’s not big (6-1). He’s a fastball-slider guy with no depth or downward movement.  Everything is hard.  Everything is on the same plane.  He needs the curveball.”

like i wrte last month, i have heared the O’s see him more as part of their future, not part of the problem, and so it might take more to get him than people think…

In 19 starts this season for the last-place Orioles, the 31–year-old Guthrie is 3–10 with a 4.58 ERA in 118 innings, during which he’s walked 35 batters and struck out 63.

Speaking of Lilly, he is is ‘very available,’ according to, and the Cubs have talked about him with a number of teams, including the Tigers.


T2 was on the PATH to being a TOP 10 CB,

All this was ENDed by a RECKLESS, Pre-Season PLAY,

A Play that was Seconds before Half-time,

in a Pre-Season Game....

a Play, that T2 should have never been in,

a play in which he BLITZed,

and JPP ran into him..........

...... a UN-WRITEN, Old School Rule,

that the NYG's, have Forgotten........ 

... " it's the LiL'Tings "..... that add-up to BIG mistakes.......