Buzz: Mets shopping K-Rod, Izzy, Byrdak

According to Andy Martino of the Daily News, two major league sources familiar with the Mets thinking say the Mets are shopping all three of Francisco Rodriguez, Jason Isringhausen, and Tim Byrdak.

“They are really trying to move Isringhausen, and also Byrdak and K-Rod (before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline),” one of the sources said. “Those guys have pitched well, and they could help somebody.”

Martino says Sandy Alderson hopes to parlay his veteran relievers into some decent minor league prospects, or at the very least some salary relief.

Yesterday, Bob Klapisch of the Bergen Record said the Mets were shopping Rodriguez but earlier today, Buster Olney of ESPN suggested Rodriguez’s trade value is “at a tipping point” considering he’s approaching the threshold for his 2012 option to vest at $17.5 million. However, Rodriguez indicated in May he would be open to a trade to any team – and he might be willing to waive his 2012 vesting option should the acquiring team be willing to discuss a long-term contract extension.

Like I’ve said, I think it makes very good financial sense to move K-Rod regardless of whether the Mets are in contention and if a compelling offer is out there, Alderson should consider making a deal for K-Rod.

I think there could be a strong market for Isringhausen considering his salary and his long history. I do wonder what the Mets could get for him in a trade, but he’s healthy so there could be some demand for him this month.

I suppose if the Mets were to move Byrdak they would replace him from within, perhaps with Mike O’Connor who I think can be very effective against left handed pitchers with his unusual delivery, although he did struggle against lefties when he was up with the Mets earlier this season, as they hit .308 against him. No matter what, they would have to find a left handed reliever for the bullpen, considering Byrdak is the only lefty in there at the moment.

All-in-all, trading these arms would certainly leave a giant hole in an already adventurous bullpen down the stretch of the season, and as Alderson said a couple of weeks ago, this stretch of games is crucial as to what he ultimately decides to do as the trade deadline approaches.