Buzz: Mets shopping Francisco Rodriguez

Recently, Francisco Rodriguez told reporters he would waive his no trade clause to be dealt to a contender “such as the Yankees or the Rays”.

Frankly, if dealing K-Rod to the Yankees means they’re rid of that $17.5 million commitment for 2012, I wouldn’t be too upset about it.

Like I’ve said repeatedly, it’s not that I don’t like Rodriguez – quite the contrary, and dealing K-Rod would create a gigantic hole in the bullpen and a problem down the stretch, should this team contend this summer. All things being equal, he is most definitely a part of the solution but to me, the option for next season is that big of a problem for this team, and a huge hindrance as far as their flexibility for next season’s payroll is concerned.

Rodriguez has finished 31 of the team’s 84 games, and is on pace to finish 59 games this season. If he finishes 55 games and doctors deem him healthy, his option for 2012 will automatically vest for 2012 at $17.5 million.

To put that option in perspective, Alderson has repeatedly said he expects the payroll to be no greater than $120 million in 2012. If that’s the case, and Rodriguez’s option kicks in, $17.5 million, or at least 15 percent of that payroll will be dedicated to the closer, and I don’t think that is a good use of the money.