Buzz: Mets pursue Holliday, but Bay is Easier

Last weekend, Mets GM Omar Minaya spoke at the 21 Days of Clemente benefit in New York, according to a report for NY SportsDay from Howard Goldin.

According to Goldin, Minaya said he is pursuing free-agent OF Matt Holliday, but, “It seems to be easier to make a deal for Jason Bay.”

…i guess, but, while the Mets sit idle and wait for bay, i read Cardinals fans and media who wound equally frustrated as they all wait for holliday… i wonder how long it will be before the two teams try to shake things up, with the Cardinals reaching out to bay and the Mets reaching out for holliday…

…i had heard omar initially preferred holliday to bay, seeing him as a more complete, long-term player, and i agree… but, they feel bay’s swing is more of a sure thing in Citi Field, and he can be had for a more realistic contract… but, if bay is insisting on five years, and if the Mets feel they must sign one of these two players, again, at that point, i’d rather them just up the years and go for holliday, who i feel is a better hitter, fielder and base runner, and a player i can live with for several years

Later, according to Goldin, Minaya said his starting rotation would likely be Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, John Maine, Oliver Perez, Jon Niese, and possibly a free agent.

This past weekend, Buster Olney of ESPN said free-agent Joel Pineiro is the Mets top target.

To read more about Minaya’s night at 21 Days of Clement, read Goldin’s report, here.