Buzz: Mets looking to Trade Jeff Francoeur 2010-7-22 6-32The Mets are looking to trade OF Jeff Francoeur, “and could have a deal in place by the time the Mets finish their series in Los Angeles this weekend,” reports Mike Puma of the New York Post.

…well, he has to be the odd man out… Angel Pagan is having too good of a season to be removed from the equation, Carlos Beltran has little-to-no trade value and Jason Bay has been a disaster

francoeur is a good defensive outfielder with with an awesome arm and zero plate discipline… he’s a fourth outfielder on a winning team, and a starter on a bad team… he’ll get traded to some non-contender, start, have hot streaks that will tease believers and fuel people who like his personality, but then he’ll stumble and disappoint, just long enough to get hot again and keep himself in a lineup… and this will repeat itself until he’s probably traded again

he’s a nice guy, and i wish more for his career… i hope he figures it out some place and returns to glory, but, it is what it is… he played a role here, but smiles do not get a pennant, wins do