Buzz: Mets are Keeping Coaching Staff 2010-7-26 16-41

The way I heard it, Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel expressed confidence to Ownership in the current roster and coaching staff, with a belief that the team can and will get back on track – helped out by having six consecutive games in Citi Field this week and the potential for new talent at the Trade Deadline.

The thing is, on Monday, August 9, after the Trade Deadline, after six games at home and six more on the road with the Phillies and Braves, if the Mets are below .500 and double-digits back of a playoff spot, a) the Mets will be irrelevant in the New York sports conversation, and b) Mets fans, if they still care, will lose their minds… at which point, I wonder how this decision will be viewed.

Good luck, Jerry.  Good luck, Omar.  It’s going to be an interest next couple of weeks.