Buzz: Matt Holliday, and the Rest of the Market

In a must-read report for, Jon Heyman does an amazing job breaking down the trade market, explaining which team is seeking what and who might be available before the deadline.

According to Heyman, Mets GM Omar Minaya will not trade Fernando Martinez in a deal for A’s OF Matt Holliday.

Heyman believes Minaya is looking for a bat in the outfield, as opposed to first base, while also looking at the market for starting pitchers and relievers.

…frankly, at this point, omar should probably also see what it will take to acquire Hawkeye, Ben Casey and Dr. Mark Greene…

By the way, in a post to his blog for, Buster Olney recently said he expects Holliday to sign just a three-year, $35 million deal this off-season when he becomes a free agent.

…i am intrigued by holliday… i would not trade martinez to get him, though i would consider Jon Niese, and i wonder if Billy Beane would have interest in Ryan Church, who is not eligible for free agency until 2012, plus other prospects… in the end, beane is clearly going to seek talent worth more than the two draft picks he will get if he keeps holliday and lets him walk as a free agent

Holliday hit just .240 with one HR during his first 75 at bats this season, but has since hit .303 in his last 113 at bats, including six HR, four doubles, 21 RBI and four stolen bases.

the Mets could trade to get holliday, sign him to a reasonable contract, and have him, martinez and Carlos Beltran in the outfield next season and beyond

Also of note, Heyman writes about the market for Nick Johnson, Aubrey Huff, Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham; how the Yankees, Rangers and Angels will be looking for relief pitching; and whether Erik Bedard might have issues pitching for a big-market team like the Phillies, who are determined to acquire a starting pitcher.

Update, 3:35 pm:

I e-mailed Tyler Blezinski from Athletics Nation, who knows the A’s as well as anyone I am aware of, to ask about Holliday and Beane.

Matthew Cerrone: Do you think Beane would have interest in young pitching, plus Ryan Church, who is a free agent after 2012?

Tyler Blezinski: I don’t see Beane trading Holliday unless he can
somehow get back a big-time third base or shortstop prospect… The A’s have plenty of good young pitching but they desperately need some infield help on the left side.

Matthew Cerrone: So, Daniel Murphy?

Tyler Blezinski: That could be a part of it, for sure.  But I think if Billy can score both a SS and a 3B in a deal, he’d jump at that first.