Buzz: Jose Reyes, the roster, and 'the Future.'

Lastly, in talking with people up in and around the team this weekend, I sense only David Wright, Jason Bay, Johan Santana, Jon Niese and Mike Pelfrey are guaranteed to be on the Mets next season.

The rest of the roster is in play, and that includes Jose Reyes, who is in a very unsettled spot because of his contract situation.

Jose ReyesThe team will likely pick up the $11 million option on Reyes’s contract for next season, after which he is eligible to be a free agent.

From what I can gather, though the two sides will talk about a contract extension soon, right now, Reyes is leaning towards playing out his current deal and testing the open market.  That could change, of course, depending on how contract talks go this winter.  I did have one person close to the team, and another person close to the player, tell me, while Reyes loves living in New York and playing in Citi Field, he knows – at his age, and with a game based on speed – this could be his last chance to sign a major, long-term contract.   Also, in regards to internal questions about his ‘leadership skills,’ the organization was happy to hear Reyes went to Walter Reed Medical Center, despite knowing in advance that Carlos Beltran and Luis Castillo would not be attending.

In terms of the rest of the roster, I think there is very, very little chance Oliver Perez, John Maine and Luis Castillo are here next season, and there is a slight chance Francisco Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran get new homes as well.

My guess, at this point:

I think there will be a lot of talk about players on the move, but I don’t expect a lot of changes on the roster, short of Perez and Castillo, and possibly Beltran.  In either case, I have no doubt the team’s next big marketing push will be about ‘The Future,’ and ‘looking forward,’ pairing guys like Ike Davis, Niese, and Josh Thole, with a new, aggressive, characteristic manager… similar to what the Jets have recently done.