News: Edinson Volquez Suspended for PED Use

According to Kevin Kaduk of Yahoo! Sports, Volquez said in a statement the substance he was taking was being use to help he and his wife have a baby together.

…what i don’t understand about the players who get caught doing this is why they simply can’t say they’re sorry, admit a mistake, and move on…it’s easier to forgive these players if they simply tell the truth, and not make excuses for why they took them…i always wonder, if these players are truly innocent, why none of them ever seem to seek permission from the team and/or MLB for every single substance they put in their body, whether it’s tylenol for a fever or something like this…

Update, 3:18 pm:

Jon Heyman of says Reds RHP Edinson Volquez has been suspended 50 games for PED use.

Volquez had a big year in 2008, going 17-6 with a 3.21 ERA, striking out 206 batters in 196 innings, but he has struggled with an elbow problem and was out most of last year, and was expected to miss all of 2010 rehabilitating from Tommy John Surgery, although he was looking to come back sometime in August.

…from what i understand, Volquez‘s clock to start his suspension begins immediately, but he was already on the 60 day disabled list while he rehabs his elbow…ok, he may not be getting paid for the time he is suspended, but it doesn’t seem right to me that his suspension begins while he is already out, and he can continue to rehabilitate and still be on track for an august return anyway…

Michael Schmidt, who covers performance enhancing drugs and legal issues for the New York Times, says Volquez tested positive for a drug similar to the one Dodgers RF Manny Ramirez tested positive for in 2009.

Update, 12:00 pm:

In a post to Twitter, Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports says the pending suspension is not going to be a player from New York, contrary to a report on WFAN.

Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus believes a pitcher has begun the appeal process for a PED suspension, and while the process can be lengthy, he says a high ranking baseball executive said a suspension will be announced shortly.

Original Post, 6:00 am
by Matthew Cerrone:

In a post to Twitter, Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus there is a PED suspension pending in MLB: