Buzz: Buster Olney on Mets and Starting Pitchers

Buster Olney of believes the Mets will be in a perfect position this summer to take advantage of the buyer’s market for starting pitching.

Olney says, though he is available, ‘according to sources,’ the Mets are not enamored with Astros RHP Roy Oswalt, especially knowing that he will be very expensive and the Astros will still want good prospects in return.

According to Olney, the Mets like Cliff Lee, “but they don’t match up as well with their prospects in a possible trade with Seattle as other teams, such as the Twins, who could theoretically offer C Wilson Ramos.”

In Olney’s opinion, the Mets may in better position to acquire a pitcher like Indians RHPs Jake Westbrook or Fausto Carmona, as well as A’s RHP Ben Sheets.

…there is no question guys like westbrook and carmona will cost less than lee… the thing with lee and sheets is that, whomever they leave as a free agent will likely get two compensatory draft picks, and so that will factor in to both what Oakland and Seattle ask for, and what a team like the Mets might be willing to give – since the Mets could technically recoup some of the talent in next year’s draft

…in the end, knowing the Mets have no interest in trading Jon Niese to get lee, i see no way lee is acquired without giving up a player like Jenrry Mejia, and that’s going to be controversial, especially if there is a chance lee signs with a new team this winter

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