Buzz: Bay's Physical, Press Conference on Tuesday

According to SNY, Jason Bay passed his physical for the Mets, who will officially announce the signing during a press conference in Citi Field tomorrow at 11 am, which will air live on SNY.

Original Post at 9:19 am:

Yesterday, Jon Heyman of said Bay will take his physical today for the Mets, with whom he agreed to a four-year, $66 million contract las week.

According to WFAN, if Bay passes his physical, the team will hold a press conference in Citi Field on Tuesday to officially announce the signing.

as of now, the team will not even acknowledge the signing, nor have they made any sort of announcement, be it about the agreement, the physical or the press conference… according to people close to the team, the Mets are genuinely concerned about bay’s physical… they think he’ll pass, obviously, otherwise they wouldn’t have signed him… but, there are concerns about his knee and shoulder, just as the Red Sox had concerns… and so, the team isn’t going to say jack until everything is buttoned up and official, and rightfully so