Bobby Parnell should be the closer

Last night, Bobby Parnell pitched two perfect innings against the Astros, while striking out three of the six batters he faced.

According to Hot Foot, he hit 101 mph on the radar gun:

Image from Hot Foot

Frankly, these days, Parnell should be the team’s closer.

He’s 25–years-old, pitching as well as he ever has in a Mets uniform, he’s clearly part of the future, and the team needs to be auditioning potential closers in the event Francisco Rodriguez is not on the team next season.

Why is this role instead going to Hisanori Takahasi, who is 34 years old and not guaranteed to be on the team after this season.

This is the ideal time to test Parnell, letting him do well, but also letting him fail, so the team can see if he’s capable of bouncing back.