Blog: What Would MetsBlog Do?

In a post to Bats, the baseball blog for the New York Times, Jay Schreiber opens the suggestion box, and asks what you would do if you were Omar Minaya.

well, honestly, i’m not sure i’d want to be Omar Minaya right now

Rich Coutinho of 1050 ESPN Radio lists five reasons why he should do nothing.

In an e-mail to, Ryan G asked:

“If you were the GM, not Omar, but Matthew Cerrone, GM of the Mets, and are in this exact scenario, what would you do?  What could you do?”

…i would not trade my best young talent for a rental player…

…first, i would create a long-term goal upon a strategy that fits Citi Field, i.e., pitching, athleticism and defense… and i would be sure all of my moves, be it for this season or beyond, support that goal, which would be to build around my captain, David Wright, with young hitters and experienced role players to create a Run-n-Shoot Offense for baseball, like the Rays

…for instance, i’d keep Alex Cora, because he’s the definition of a smart, experienced role player, who can suit up at multiple positions… i’d look to trade for a player like Mark Teahen from the Royals, who would be useful on the infield this season and next season, and who will not cost a lot in trade because he’s about to start earning more money through arbitration… in the off-season, i’d pick up his option and look to trade J.J. Putz to a team in need of a closer, in an effort to make up for the prospects minaya gave up to get him in the first place… i’d also cut Luis Castillo and his $12 million in the off-season, and finally bring in Orlando Hudson to bat second, a move that should have been made last off season… i’d consider trading peanuts for 28–year-old OF Alex Rios and his five-year, $60 million contract, because he has a strong arm, he’s fast and sprays the ball around the field… i would not trade any of my young pitching, like Mike Pelfrey, Brad Holt, Jenrry Mejia, Jon Niese or Bobby Parnell, because i do not trust that the free-agent market for starting pitching will offer much over the next decade…

…lastly, i’d have to think long and hard about what can be had for Jose Reyes, whose ultimate potential i am starting to lose faith in… last month, Boston talk-radio host Danny Picard suggested on his blog I’m Just Sayin, that, in the off season, the Red Sox should offer RHP Clay Buchholz, top prospect RHP Michael Bowden, OF Jacoby Ellsbury and SS Jed Lowrie to the Mets for reyes… this would be super tempting, to say the least

i’d then look to wrap these players around a young, aggressive manager, who values statistics as much as his gut

for now, though, i’d hold tight and hope my injured players return from the disabled list, all while keeping that long-term goal in mind, without doing anything drastic… so, if this means acquiring a player like OF Ryan Spilborghs from the Rockies, rios or teahen, fine, but i’m not trading a ton of talent to get Matt Holliday, who will never sign a deal to play in my pitcher’s park… then, if i have little faith of making the playoffs in August, and guys are not returning from injury and performing and nothing is going as i hoped, i’d look to get something small in return for a player like Livan Hernandez, who can moved through waivers

…and then i’d wake up, and remember i’m a blogger, not a GM…