Blog: Cashman, the Free Agent

Yankees GM Brian Cashman is a free agent at the end of this season.

In a post to Was Watching, Steve Lombradi wonders if Cashman could be of interest to the Mets, in the event Omar Minaya is fired between now and next season.

…i do not think omar will be fired…but, it is interesting, in that he has really received very little criticism, which is odd, since most people are putting a ton of blame on the players…and since he acquired most of these players, it stands to reason that he should get some of the criticism

Last Friday, in a post to his blog for Daily News, Adam Rubin explained why Minaya deserves a lot of blame, adding that it’s too easy to just scapegoat Willie Randolph.

…i like when rubin gets critical…he writes with a clear-cut, insightful passion that i enjoy…it may be time to make him a columnist, though he does a great job on the beat…

Ed Tracy
Ed Tracy

I thought Rutgers looked like they had half the intensity they did against Penn St then again it was 1st ever Big 10 Game. I am concerned with Paul James getting injured once again like last year game 3 or 4 Rutgers lost James again its a shame cause for Rutgers to have any chance they need  healthy James. I also thought Rutgers Pass defense was at best poor to let a team like Navy throw the ball & make such big plays is very concerning. I hope Rutgers gets its act together before next big 10 game. I also hope Paul James doesn't miss any games or just next game against Tulane but the way Rutgers luck James will be out for weeks let's pray & hope not. I am glad they came away with the win but not impresed nor am i confident in this team.