Backman and Geren not mentioned in Manager searches

The Red Sox and Rockies are looking for new managers, with Tim Wallach, Ryne Sandberg and Brad Ausmus often connected to these positions.

According to a search on MLB Trade Rumors, which has been closely tracking the process, neither Mets Triple-A manager Wally Backman nor Mets bench coach Bob Geren have been mentioned in rumors connected to these job searches.

The Mets announced at the end of the season that their entire big-league coaching staff will return for the 2013 season. However, Wally Backman later told ESPN New York that the team had yet to talk with him about a role for next season.

Last winter, the New York Post said Backman had been considering whether to become Davey Johnson’s third-base coach with the Nationals before accepting a position managing Triple-A Buffalo for the Mets.

This time around, “I bet you he will be gone,” a person close to Backman told the New York Post in late September.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

The point of this post, I guess, is to put our love affair with Backman in context. I know lots of Mets fans want him to manage one day. I love the idea of Backman, scrappy, hard nosed, turning today’s ballplayer in to a gritty 80’s type hustler, winning in Queens, etc., but that’s mostly idealistic and full of adjectives. In reality, though no one I know questions his baseball accumen and passion for the game, people in baseball do express concerns about how his communication style would translate with veteran players. They also wonder how he’d handle 24-7, on- and off-the-record media, given his passion and honesty. I love these qualities, but I also don’t have to play for him… And so, if other organizations aren’t bringing him to be interviewed, what does this say about his place in that community? It’s not to say he will never be a manager. I actually think he will… someday. I’m just not sure it will be in a place like New York or Boston. Colorado would be interesting, but, so far, they haven’t asked to speak with, at least according to published reports…

Speaking of coaches, when I talk to people around baseball, Frank Viola is the Mets minor-league coach that is most often mentioned… not Backman. Viola is very respected and people seem to be noticing his work with the Savannah Sand Gnats, the club’s Single-A affiliate in Georgia. I’ve heard from people in New York that the organization is debating Viola’s role for 2013, trying to decide where he’ll be most useful. He could return to Savannah, maybe move to St. Lucie, who knows… In either case, I bet he one day replaces Dan Warthen, assuming he hasn’t gotten a big-league job some place else by then…