Are the Mets waiting for Jon Daniels?

In a post to Mets Fever, Ed Ryan says:

“If you truly believe Rangers GM Jon Daniels is your number one choice and there’s even the slightest chance you can get him, then of course you have to wait, but if he’s just another candidate and/or you know he’s not leaving Texas then why waste your time.”

It’s a good point.

Yesterday, on Twitter,’s Jon Heyman said the Mets have been ‘asking around about Daniels.’

The buzz and reports had long suggested the Mets would move to  hire a new general manager before the World Series.

However, last week, Jeff Wilpon sent an e-mail to fans, in which said, “We are continuing our search and expect to hire our new GM in the next few weeks.”

In the next few weeks.  Not by next week.  In a few weeks.

So, add Heyman’s tweet to Wilpon’s statement and it’s like the Mets are creating a Plan B, which will become their Plan A should Daniels return to the Rangers.

I still can’t believe he would leave.  Plus, the Mets want a new boss… and so, and this is total speculation, but, if the Mets aren’t acting, and could possibly wait until after the World Series, this suggests they might believe Daniels is a legitimate option… and so I don’t blame them for waiting.