Recap: Bobby Parnell's performance from last night

Last night, Bobby Parnell gave up three runs in the 8th inning, including a two-run home run to Troy Tulowitzki, which followed a poor throw to home off a chopper back to the mound that led the go-ahead run score.

He talked to reporters after the game, and basically said:

  • His errant throw was a lack of execution, “It was a tough play for any pitcher,” and it did not distract him while later pitching to Tulowitzki.
  • He tried to throw a fastball up and in to Tulowitzki, but he missed his location.
  • He is confident the bullpen will rebound in their next game.

To listen to what Parnell said, courtesy of MetsBlog’s Rich Coutinho, click play here:

In 10 games this season, the Mets bullpen has a 5.21 ERA, which is a league worst. For whatever reason, I’m only slightly concerned about the bullpen as a whole, probably because we’re just 10 games deep and it’s too early to assume anything, but also because I expect the front office to make adjustments and other roster moves, keep tweaking and get it right… eventually… I hope.

Instead, the big worry for me is Parnell, because I want him to be better than he’s been, because he clearly has a world of talent. However, he’s struggling to put it all together… again. As I said last night, I can’t help and wonder if he’s about to become the next Matt Lindstrom or Kyle Farnsworth.

I later wrote, in regards to the pitch he threw to Tulowitzki, which was indicative of his larger problem, that it shows a lack of focus and discipline. That’s probably a bit vague. I don’t mean undisciplined in a renegade, issue-with-authority kind of way, so much as I mean a lack of focus and discipline over what he’s doing with his body, i.e., commanding and harnessing his talent and potential. It’s probably the wrong choice of words, but the point is the same, which is that he’s been in the league for a while now, he’s pitched in 120 games, and it’s about time for him to start learning, making adjustments and to ‘pitch,’ or else he’s going to be up and down, back and forth, with lots of talk about velocity and finding ways to get him going… just like Lindstrom and Farnsworth. I’m not giving up on him, not at all, there is still plenty of time to get it right. But, I’m concerned, and wondering what his future truly holds.