Latest from PSL: Mets take the field at noon…

Michael Baron , Contributor

12:10 pm: The Mets’ pitchers and catchers are getting loose on field two. For now, I expect them to go through full workouts:


11:59 am: The Mets are taking the field now, and not at 1:00 PM. It’s cool and drizzling out..

10:47 am: Today’s workout has been delayed until 1:00 PM due to rain.

8:07 am: It’s raining again in Port St. Lucie today, and the weather is about to turn much cooler here.

Players have been instructed to arrive at the ballpark at around 10 or so, and they’ll take the field at 12:00 pm today, assuming the weather improves. However, it’s cool out, and so I can’t see the field drying out much before they take the field today.

I will head to the ballpark at around the same time. Hopefully we get some sort of action in today…