Angel Pagan says he'll have more SBs than Reyes

That’s awesome… nice catch, by Peter Wade at SNY’s Tumblr.

To see Pagan’s interview on SNY, watch this video.

In a report for the St. Lucie News, Laurel Phaler talked with Pagan, who said:

“Last year I didn’t start the season as an everyday player but I was really confident in my preparation, and I was really confident I could help the team in any role they gave me. … I am not looking to be a 30-home run hitter because that’s not my game but I am always looking to get better and I know I can improve in power numbers. … No. 1 is to score as many runs as I can. I would love to score 100 runs, and that would help make the team better. I believe if I score 100 runs the team will be better because I won’t be the only one scoring runs. If Jose (Reyes) and maybe David (Wright) score 100 runs, too, that can make a pretty great team.”

I feel like such a fool for doubting Pagan, before last season. I just didn’t think he had it in him to be an every-day player.

I wrote about his sloppy base running and odd routes in the field. But, man, was I wrong? And good for him, because I was not the only skeptic. The best part is, not only has he stepped up his physical game, and adjusted his strength and conditioning program to keep himself healthy, but he’s clearly becoming a leader on the team. Last Spring, he was a guy fighting for a job. This Spring, in watching him, he looked comfortable, and, instead of veterans talking to him about his game, he was approaching and talking with younger players about their game.