Alderson, Wilpon & Dickey talk publicly about possible contract extension

There is a broad trade market developing for R.A. Dickey, Sandy Alderson said on WFAN today.

Dec. 5, 1:05 pm: Jeff Wilpon told reporters today R.A. Dickey and the Mets are still far apart on the overall value of a possible contract extension, and it’s possible they could go into next season with no new agreement.

Dickey later told that he is hopeful a new deal can be worked out, but he understands that Sandy Alderson is paid to make the Mets better.

Similarly, although Alderson later told MLB Network Radio, “We have to look at all possibilities,” he also told USA Today that he is more likely to keep Dickey without an extension at this point, though that is not his preference.

Alderson acknowledged that trade talks for Dickey will be impacted by what free-agents, like Zack Greinke, will do, and he expects that to continue for a couple of weeks.