Mike Francesa rants about Mets to start show, Alderson on at 2 PM

Today on WFAN, host Mike Francesa led his radio program ranting about the Mets, saying:

“The Mets could have sent eight guys to the minors yesterday, and you wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. … Mets fans, I understand the level of your frustration, but, you can stomp your feet, you can hold your breath, you’re not gonna get ownership to change. … I agree with what Sandy said, this isn’t a coaching thing, it’s a player thing. And, what he’s saying there is: This falls on me, not my manager. And, I think that’s being honest. He hasn’t given Collins any players. … To me, the most important thing they can do for this season is, and they have to do otherwise they will have wasted this entire season, the first is Zack Wheeler and Travis d’Arnaud have to come up here and be here soon … This is not about winning games now, it’s about developing something you can take forward. … The second part is, and I think it’s critical to the future and stability of this franchise, so they can make you believe they’re moving aggressively in to next year, by adding a transitional piece next year. I don’t want to compare it to Keith Hernandez or Gary Carter, but that transitional piece that has years left that is a very, very good player, who is a no brainer, he’s a real player, he has a real contract going forward and he’s now in the middle of the mix. That guy sends a bold message about your future.”

Mets GM Sandy Alderson is scheduled to be a guest of Francesa on WFAN this afternoon at 2 pm ET.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

I’ve got nothing… I totally agree with everything Francesa is saying, and I don’t say that often. He’s also right when he says they basically have just two legit pieces on this current roster, in David Wright and Matt Harvey. I believe Wheeler and d’Arnaud can be that, as well, but we just don’t know if they are yet, because they have not yet stepped on a big-league field. Alderson has to make a trade soon, be it this summer or winter, and he has to sign some players to at least create an uptick in what is happening. He’s on pace to lose more games again this season than he did the year before, a trend that started in his first season. I don’t expect the playoffs this year. Hell, I don’t expect the playoffs next season. But, I do expect progress. And, right now, given where Ike Davis is, where Ruben Tejada is, I’d say this team has actually taken what look like steps backwards. I can’t wait to hear what Alderson has to say to Francesa at 2 pm…