Sandy Alderson speaks with Adam Rubin

This morning, Adam Rubin from ESPN New York spoke with Mets GM Sandy Alderson about a variety of topics, and essentially told him the following:

  • The Mets are not currently negotiating with R.A. Dickey, Mike Pelfrey, and Angel Pagan, and he doesn’t figure there to be much negotiating until arbitration figures are exchanged on January 18.
  • He won’t rule out multi-year deals with any of the Mets arbitration eligible players, although he says they continue to want to maintain flexibility for next year.
  • Signing Chris Capuano does not preclude the Mets from signing another starting pitcher.
  • He wants to and is hopeful about signing another starting pitcher similar to the deal Capuano received, which was a one year $1.5 million deal with $3 million in incentives.
  • He anticipates signing a left handed reliever for the bullpen.
  • Nobody from the Mets has gone to watch Oliver Perez in the Mexican Winter League, but there’s still a possibility that takes place.
  • Regarding Luis Castillo, Alderson said “If he’s going to be on the club, it probably will have to be as the regular second baseman, or somebody who plays quite a bit of the time at second base. He just doesn’t give us enough coverage other places to play a utility role.”
  • Johan Santana will visit with doctors either this week or next week to get clearance to throw a baseball.
  • Kevin Kierst has been hired to replace Charlie Samuels as the equipment manager.

For more, including answers to questions about the coaching staff, Omar Minaya, etc., check out ESPN New York.