A Look Back at My Writing on Alderson & GM

I wrote the following in a post to MetsBlog.com on September 23:

”Personally, if I could have my way, and money wasn’t an issue, I’d make Sandy Alderson team president, with his specific power put in writing; I’d want Jon Daniels or Josh Byrnes as his GM, executing the plan, or maybe Terry Ryan if he can be coaxed back in to the job; and, most important, I want Ownership only setting a budget, while making sure everyone is living up to expectations.”

Later, in a post on October 5, I wrote:

”I want [the next GM] to have ideas, and articulate them to us.  I want him to look at how things have been done in the past and then do many of those things differently, from how the team drafts and evaluates talent, to how it negotiates contracts, to how it communicates with the public, to how it carries itself on and off the field, to how it manages the roster, to how it handles ticket sales and marketing… I would love to see a GM who incorporates advanced statistics like WAR, and who pushes to draft overslot, a man who is forward-thinking and not about plugging holes, and who can create a stable, consistent roster so that players can grow comfortable and trust their teammates… The Mets need someone with the intestinal fortitude, credibility and confidence to stand up to Ownership, the media, high-priced, in-house players and you and I and make some really, really difficult and potentially unpopular decisions.  What’s more, he doesn’t need to just instill confidence in New York, he needs to send a strong signal to everyone in baseball, letting other teams and players know things are changing, and for the better, in Citi Field… In short, I want a GM who will create the Mets Way of doing things, so that every employee and every fan knows what to expect.”

Lastly, in a post titled I Want Hahn, but Mets need Sandy, I wrote:

“In knowing the Mets like I do, unfortunately, I have a feeling this is not the time for experimenting… There is too much to lose, especially with a new ballpark, a TV network and a fan base tinkering on total disinterest… Instead, the Mets are in desperate need of restoring order inside the franchise.  They need direction, they need order, so to be attractive to other people.  The league’s other executives, agents and players, even their own players, all need to know the Mets are safe, stable and in good hands… Yes, in some ways, Alderson is a walking marketing campaign.  I have no idea how long it will take him to turn the Mets in to a 90-win team.  I don’t know if he will have the foresight to sign this better player over that worse player.  The thing is, when you spend the better part of four years hunting down public perception, issuing statements about mysterious injuries and surgeries, arguing with the league’s most influential agent in the press, when you have a GM accusing beat writers of being disingenuous, when your $17 million closer punches someone in the player’s lounge and is arrested, when your ace is accused of rape, when people see you as broke and incompetent, and when your fans are apathetic from being burned, oddly enough, winning is not necessarily the most important short-term goal.  Instead, working to create an environment for winning is more necessary, and I feel Alderson is most qualified and capable of doing that.”


@Darryl Linder

LT Eric Flowers in 2.5 games, 162 snaps, has 5 penalties. False Start, Illegal Formation, False Start, Holding, False Start.
LG/LT Pugh in 270 snaps, 1 penalty at LT, False start. Zero penalties at LG.
C Richburg in 270 snaps, 2 penalties, Holding, Ineligible Downfield
RG Schwartz in 268 snaps, 2 penalties, Illegal touched pass, False start.
RT NewHouse in 270 snaps, 2 penalties, Holding, Holding.
LG Jerry in 174 snaps, Zero penalties


MacAdoo's quick pass O, has ELI holding the ball less than 2 seconds, on most plays.

that coupled with the OutStanding play by Pugh, at both LG & LT has really set the tone for this O Line.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

I think the OLine run blocking isn't working because Jennings is still the starting RB.  Once Williams gets more touches, things will change.

Plus, the Giants are a "pass first" offense.


Jennings is 100% better than Williams, Williams has gotten stuffed everytime he touches the ball. He had 11 carries on Sunday for a whopping 35 yards.