5 Mets execs expect Jose Reyes to sign elsewhere

“I spoke to five Mets executives and the sense I got was they believe Jose Reyes will sign elsewhere and – at the least – they will be open-minded when teams inquire on David Wright,” Joel Sherman writes in today’s New York Post.

Sherman says he thinks the Mets will offer no more than four years with an option. However, with the Marlins, Nationals, Braves and Brewers as ‘potential strong pursuers,’ Reyes could command a six-year, $114 million-plus contract.

“We do want to re-sign Reyes, but not at something crazy,” a Mets executive told him. “If that one team steps up and blows him away, I think he will be wearing another uniform. If not, we’ll be in play.”


Matthew Cerrone: Well, like I mentioned the other day, I don’t think Sandy Alderson is going to wait around to get in to a bidding a war. He doesn’t have the dollars, time or to-do list to sit idle. This team has A LOT of holes and a limited budget, and so knowing how that money will be used is important.

Sandy will come at Jose shortly after the World Series with something close to the team’s best offer, from what I’ve heard. Sherman is feeling four years with an option. That could be correct. However, I hear Jose is adamant on the deal being worth more than $100 million, so this gets dicey if the Mets are only willing to go as high as four years (like Sherman is suggesting) and, say, $70 million (or, $18 million per year). The people I’ve talked with (who know both sides of this issue very well) think the Mets and Jose can find common ground on the years, I assume that means (in the end) the Mets might consider giving him five years with an option, because Jose will almost certainly be insisting on six. But, other teams aren’t involved yet, and what happens if (like Sherman is saying) some team comes along and guarantees that sixth year?


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