3 Links from PSL for Saturday, March 2

Jon Niese 3 polaroidJon Niese is close to mastering a fourth pitch: a change-up (Puma, NY Post).

David Wright continues to be seen as the team’s clubhouse leader (Martino, NY Daily News).

Mets Vice President of Media Relations Jay Horwitz is embracing social media (Keh, NY Times).

Michael Baron, Contributor

A year ago, I was down on Niese, and seriously questioned what he might be able to contribute going forward. Early last season, he still seemed to be struggling to find his way and identity out there. But after June 1, the light went on for him. He learned how to utilize his entire arsenal, throw all of his pitches for strikes, and limit his walks which helped him pitch deeper into games. If not for the implementation of the six-man rotation late in the year, I’m confident Niese would have easily exceeded the 200 inning threshold. If he can master this fourth pitch, he could become a top-tiered left-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball this season.