Zack Wheeler

200 innings for Zack Wheeler in 2014?

This week in Orlando, Terry Collins said Zack Wheeler is capable of throwing 200 innings if he makes 30 starts next season.

Wheeler threw 168 innings between Triple-A and the Mets last year.

“His command of his secondary pitches got better,” Collins said of Wheeler’s progress. “I think his confidence rose as the season went along. Again, I think the sky is the limit for what potential this guy has.”


Matt Harvey got injured after hitting 170+ innings.  This is an interesting experimental year to see if this coddling, as some call it, possibly is not as beneficial as suggested.  However, that being said, I don't think that Wheeler puts the same force and strain on his body that Harvey does and because of that may be less likely to get hurt.  They have different styles, but we'll see if it has different results.

Christopher Masiello
Christopher Masiello

I still think innings alone is not a good way to gauge workload. If he has a bunch of 9 pitch innings on mild weather days, it's just not that big of a deal. In a game where he throws 5 21 pitch innings and is frigid or sweltering, that's way worse.

What about days when the other pitcher is cruising through 10-pitch innings? He gets no rest, hence works harder. 

What about days when he gets on base or runs out three grounders?

Greg Maddux would have games where he pitched 8 innings and threw 85 pitches. You think that was worse than a guy that gets smacked around for 4 and a third innings?