1986 World Series: Seaver wanted to beat the Mets

In 1986, then 41-year-old Tom Seaver was a member of the Boston Red Sox, but he was unable to pitch in the World Series due to a torn ligament in his knee.

In October, 1986, Seaver told the New York Post (courtesy of MetsPolice):

“I’m here to help the Boston Red Sox beat the New York Mets. I’ll contribute in any way I can…Who should I be for, the Mets?”


Michael Baron: I was six years old in 1986, but was already aware of Seaver’s place in Mets history.

In fact, I wore this custom-made Mets jersey with his name and number on it to both Game Two and Game Six of the World Series:

I recall my dad saying how strange it was for Seaver to be pitching against the Mets in the World Series. He told me the morning after Game One (when I was so mad at Tim Teufel for letting that ball go through his legs) the fans gave Seaver a nice hand as he was introduced before the game, and he tipped his cap to the crowd.

I wonder what the differences might have been if Seaver had been healthy for the World Series, despite his advanced age at the time. Would Game Three or Game Four turned out differently, thus altering the end result? It certainly would have been quite a story for the media and the fans.

In case you were wondering, that stain next to the “four” came from my Game Six hot dog. Combined with the fact I was six years old, I was wearing gloves that night because it was so cold and I had no feel for my dog and pretzel. However, it didn’t stop me from wearing the shirt to school the following Monday…


For the complete article (which is fascinating to read), head over to MetsPolice.