Mets give Terry Collins a two-year contract extension

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Sandy Alderson announced today that Terry Collins will return as manager of the Mets, agreeing to a two-year contract extension with an option for 2016.

In addition, the entire coaching staff will return for 2014.

“Terry has done an outstanding job for us,” Alderson said. “We’re not happy with the win-loss record we had this year, particularly unhappy with the home record. On the other hand, we had a winning record on the road. And, if you look at the last 100 games of the season we played .500 baseball.”

In Alderson’s view, Collins had an outstanding year, his team never quit, they played hard, they continued to play with limited resources and finished as well as could have been expected.

“We are certainly not happy with the win-loss record the last year, or last year three years,” Collins said. “We’re very excited about 2014. We’ve got some outstanding young pitching coming, we think that’s gonna lead us. We’re going in to Spring Training with high expectations. It’s time to put some wins o the board.”’s Recapr takes a look at the reaction to the news of Terry Collins’ extension with the Mets.


Here are updates from the question and answer sessions with reporters…

12:10 pm: Alderson said he started feeling Collins would be back a few weeks ago. The last 100 games convinced him, the last six weeks, especially when considering how many young players were in the mix and how well Collins kept them playing hard.

12:12 pm: There were some limitations on how the Mets acquired players during the last three years, mostly due to previous commitments, Alderson said. That is behind him, he has flexibility and he’s excited about what he can do this winter.

12:15 pm: Terry Collins: “I don’t have control over the names in the clubhouse, my job is to get my guys better. We have to play better, there is no other way to put it. We have to be better. We have to do a better job getting on base. We can’t again lead the National League in strikeouts without power. We have some challenges ahead, we know that.”

12:18 pm: Terry Collins: “I don’t ever question the people that are put in the clubhouse. I know exactly how Sandy, J.P. and Paul go about their jobs and who they’re after. We talk all the time about it. That’s not my territory. My territory is to try and make sure Juan Lagares got better, that Travis d’Arnaud got better. Ultimately, there’s gonna be 50 guys that walk on that field and I don’t care who they are.”

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

12:19 pm: I’m confused. If the guys on the current roster need to play “better,” it would suggest they aren’t meeting expectations. Wasn’t it Terry’s job the last few years to get these guys to do that? Yet, Terry’s back. If Terry was GM, I wonder if he would have hired himself back, considering he’s admitting to fumbling the one thing he thinks he should have been doing… This is strange.

For Alderson, the decision to bring Collins back seems larger than this one point. But, for Terry, though, I wonder if he thinks he did a good job these last few years…

12:22 pm: Alderson identified three reasons for bringing Collins back: 1) The team played hard all 162 games; 2) He did a very good job handling a constantly-changing roster; and 3) He finished .500 during the final 100 games, which is a foundation to build on.

12:25 pm: The coaching staff did an outstanding job, according to Alderson.

Below, you can watch Sandy and Terry’s opening statements:

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