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Mets are working, trying, but we’ve heard it all before

CerroneCircleAvatarMatthew Cerrone: The buzz from Citi Field is quiet, with occasional sources popping up to simply tell reporters that they’re working to make a deal. They’re trying. Pushing. And so on…

Naturally, this sort of talk makes my skepticism takes over as I prepare myself to hear Sandy Alderson tell us at 4:01 pm that a deal couldn’t get done. However, he’ll say he laid groundwork in hopes of acquiring someone through waivers, such as Justin Upton or Yoenis Céspedes. I know the routine, you do too, complete with Marlon Byrd as his example of a waiver deal from a few years ago.

That said, there’s less than a hour to go. I’ve heard from countless sources around MLB telling me the Mets were super active today, reaching out, reviewing medical reports on players and hustling to improve their offense. I believe this to be true, but it’s not enough. I’m still hoping something comes to fruition. This roster needs it.

The Mets have a huge three-game series starting tonight against the Nationals and a bit of wind in their sales (in the form of one or two new players) would be nice. I fear no move at all will be a let down, not just for fans, but for the players as well…


Tweet from MLB Network’s Jim Bowden

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Matthew Cerrone answers questions about Flores, trading for an OF, Mejia and more…

In the latest episode of of #AskSNY, MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone answers voicemails from fans about handling Wilmer Flores, trading for an outfielder, and Jenrry Mejia’s future with the Mets…

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Gerardo Parra going to O’s, MLB may investigate Mets-Brewers relationship

MLB is planning a meeting between Mets and Brewers management to discuss the relationship between the two teams and what happened Thursday night in their reported deal for Carlos Gomez, according to a tweet from MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone (July 31, 10:45 am).

The Mets believed they were close to a deal for Brewers OF Gerardo Parra last week before it fell apart, sources told Newsday reporter Marc Carig (July 25, 2015). Parra is now close to being traded to the Orioles straight up for reliever Zack Davies, according to’s Ken Rosenthal (July 31, 7:10 am).

Late Thursday, the two teams had a deal for Gomez, but the Mets reportedly backed out for what they said were medical reasons. The Brewers denied the report, standing by the health of their player. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel then reported the deal fell apart because of financial reasons associated with the Mets >> Read more.

Brewers GM Doug Mevin said the next day he would be not be making any trades with the Mets before Friday’s 4 pm non-waiver trade deadline (July 30, 5:11 pm).


Tweet from Yahoo! Sports reporter Jeff Passan

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Boras believes Gomez-Mets deal was all about money, Steve Phillips disagrees

According to Mike Vorkunov of, Scott Boras called Jeff Wilpon to talk about what happened with his client, Carlos Gomez, who was reportedly being traded to the Mets before the deal fell apart for medical reasons (July 31, 8:01 am).

Gomez was eventually dealt to the Astros on Thursday afternoon for four prospects, leaving Boras convinced that the Mets killed the deal for financial reasons.

“It’s very simple, our doctors felt the health risk was too great,” Sandy Alderson told about the reported deal. “Houston’s doctors apparently feel otherwise.”

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported Thursday that the deal fell through because the Mets asked the Brewers to pick up part of Gomez’s $9 million salary in 2016 (July 30, 2015).

“Apparently in New York, they understood it as being cheese head medicine, I don’t know,” Boras told “Anyone that suggests that this player is a health risk or medical risk is absurd and without evidence.”

In early June, Gomez expressed concern around running due to his hip (July 19, 2015), saying: “I’ve been afraid to run like I can because I’ve been apprehensive. I don’t want to aggravate it. So, the trainers have been trying to take care of it. They want to see me play, enjoy the game, run and make things happen.”

steve-20phillips.jpgFormer Mets GM and MLB Network Radio host Steve Phillips said this morning on his show, The Leadoff Spot, that the deal fell apart 100 percent because of medical reasons.

“For Sandy Alderson, I get it. If your team doctor says no, what are you going to do? You can’t overrule your doctor,” he said.

According to Phillips, there is no way a deal gets to the point of reviewing medical records before agreeing to financial terms.

“Jeff Wilpon’s office is down the hall from Sandy Alderson’s office, and Jeff Wilpon knows everything Sandy does before he does it. He knows every move he’s making and the impact it has on the budget,” Phillips added. “This really was about his hip and the doctor saying, ‘No.’ Sandy Alderson didn’t make a trade, then realize Gomez has $9 million on his deal. I don’t believe at all that it was about the money. The Wilpons want to win, man. This isn’t the Wilpons cheapening out because they don’t want to win. Alderson is still out there looking at Justin Upton, looking at Jay Bruce, and they’re looking to make deals, there is no question about that.”

CerroneCircleAvatarMatthew Cerrone: The more and more I read about this, talk to experts, hear Boras, etc., I’m still convinced it’s a combination of both. I truly believe the two sides agreed to the deal in principle, at which point it is customary for teams to swap medical information. For what it’s worth, financial terms are almost always agreed to before medical reports are exchanged. So, once they saw the medical report, I think the Mets saw something that concerned them (mostly about Gomez’s ability to play in 2016). They asked the Brewers to cover part of his salary, amending the agreed upon deal. Milwaukee said no, the Mets were not comfortable and the deal fell apart. This makes sense to me as a possible timeline and speaks to both medical and financial reasons.

Of course, the Brewers eventually sent Gomez to the Astros, who didn’t seem to have any health concerns about his hip. So, Mets fans, and media, who understandably question Alderson’s and Wilpon’s spending, now have more reason to be skeptical of what they say they can do.  So, the only way for the Mets to alter public perception at this point is to make another expensive acquisition. If they do, if they get Jay Bruce or Justin Upton, people will assume they truly didn’t trust Gomez’s health. If they don’t, if they get no one, and watch Gomez do well in Houston, I’m sorry to tell them that most people are clearly going to believe it was the money, regardless of what they or Phillips say about the situation.

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It’s been a wild week, but the next 72 hours could be critical

CerroneCircleAvatarMatthew Cerrone: In the last seven days, the Mets promoted Michael Conforto, activated Travis d’Arnaud, traded for Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson and Tyler Clippard, David Wright took ground balls, they blew a legendary save during a three-hour, ninth-inning rain delay, they had a raccoon in the clubhouse, Jenrry Mejia was suspended for 162 games, Wilmer Flores cried on field, Terry Collins lectured fans and media, and Sandy Alderson agreed to acquire Carlos Gomez before turning down the deal because of health, money or both. There are teams that do not have this many storylines in a 162-game season. In the land of the Mets, it’s just another week…

And then there’s the next 72 hours, which I expect to be equally crazy. The Mets are expected to acquire another position player before Friday’s 4 p.m. non-waiver trade deadline, after which they’ll play a three-game series with the first-place Nationals.

In other words, by Monday morning, we should have a real good sense of who this team is, their real potential for 2015, and whether we’ll spend the next 10 weeks celebrating actual baseball or lamenting payroll and second guessing management.

I hope we’re celebrating. However, after the past week, and a wild season so far, I no longer have expectations and believe in one thing, which is that nothing can surprise me… Let’s Go Mets!!!