Jeurys Familia 2 (Baron)

Jeurys Familia was also pitching with a sports hernia

Mets reliever Jeurys Familia underwent successful surgery to repair bilateral sport hernias Friday in Philadelphia.

He is on his way back home to the Dominican Republic.

Jenrry Mejia also underwent surgery for a sports hernia earlier this month.

The surgery typically requires 3-4 weeks of rehab and should not impact their status for Spring Training or the regular season.

“Like many injuries, they can be managed,” injury expert Will Carroll told MetsBlog earlier this season. “The surgery is relatively simple, but has a six-week recovery period. Most pitchers (and players) that have had it come back well and with no complications.​”

Familia pitched in 76 games this season for the Mets. He finished 2014 with a 2.21 ERA, while striking out 73 batters in 77 innings pitched.


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5 Questions, 5 Short Answers

miniMCavatarHere are five questions I keep getting on Twitter and e-mail, followed by my educated guesses…

Who will be next year’s shortstop? I’ll say Wilmer Flores or a former top prospect who is close to being out of favor and yet to be acquired, think SS Didi Gregorius or someone from Seattle. He’ll be someone that adds depth on the infield, who will not be the obvious starter, but who will either cost a mid-tier arm or one controllable, expendable veteran, like Dillon Gee.

Daniel Murphy rounds firstWho will be the team’s third everyday outfielder? I’ll bet on free-agent OF Michael Cuddyer. If not him, maybe a Nick Markakis, Nori Aoiki type, or a comparable player acquired in trade, let’s say Jay Bruce or Shane Victorino. I expect they’ll get one of this level player.

Where will Daniel Murphy play in 2015? I’m the only person who seems to think he’ll be on the Mets next season. I get why it makes sense to try and trade him, especially to free up spending money. But, in the end, I just don’t see how the Mets move him and end up in a better position than they started, especially since he can be traded during the season as well.

Where will Bartolo Colon play in 2015? Again, like Murphy, I seem to be the only person who thinks Colon is staying put. There will be places to move him, and I think the Mets will do it if it makes sense. But, Colon has value to the Mets as a reliable veteran in a rotation of developing youngsters. And, similar to Murphy, Colon would be super attractive to other teams at next year’s deadline.

Who from the rotation is Sandy more or less likely to trade? Again, if the Mets are looking to move a pitcher to free up capital, my hunch is they trade Gee or Jon Niese before Colon. In terms of prospects, I see Rafael Montero as the only elite guy they’d deal, and that includes Cory Mazzoni and Steven Matz.

Friday’s Arizona Fall League recap…

L.J. Mazzilli was the only Mets position player prospect to take part in Fridays game and he had another quality performance.

The Connecticut native was 1-for-3, with a double, walk and run scored.

He’s now hit in five straight games and is batting .323, with a .432 on-base percentage and .548 slugging percentage in nine AFL games.

Read more at SNY’s Mets Minors…

Daily News Live: Kevin Long

The Daily News Live panel discusses if new Mets hitting coach Kevin Long can help boost the team’s offense.

Baltimore Orioles v Tampa Bay Rays

Mets are not changing managers, despite Maddon’s availability

Jeff Wilpon says the Mets are not changing managers, despite Joe Maddon becoming a free agent coach.1,2

Maddon opted out of his contract after failed negotiations over a contract extension.3

Multiple reports speculate he could end up with the Cubs.4 Maddon’s friends speculated he might also be attracted to the Mets.5

In late September, the Mets announced that Terry Collins will return as their manager. He is under contract through next season and has a team option for 2016.

miniMCavatarMatthew Cerrone: Is it ‘No’ because the Mets weren’t interested? Or ‘No’ because Maddon wasn’t interested, despite the team’s curiosity? Each scenario returns a ‘No,’ but they are significantly different.

I mean, Maddon is widely considered to be among the best, most progressive, creative managers in the game. So, with respect to Terry, the Mets would be crazy not to consider hiring him, regardless of Terry’s contract or status with the team.

That said, I know enough about politics and baseball negotiations to know Maddon likely left Tampa with a good idea of what was available to him, and I’m pretty sure every team in the league got some sort of a heads up from his agent that he would soon be available. If this is the case, if he’s already locked in on going some place other than the Mets, it’s probably smart for Alderson and Wilpon to show faith in their manager, since it does them no good to undermine him in the eyes of his players.

At any rate, if I were Maddon, I’d stay off the market, go get a TV job, relax and create a huge market for myself next winter, when  the Dodgers, Cubs and Mets, and others, will certainly have more freedom and interest in sign me.

Sources: 1. Heyman, Oct. 24 | 2. Carig, Oct. 24 | 3. Olney, Oct. 24 | 4. MLBTR, Oct. 24 | 5. Gammons, Oct. 24
Baltimore Orioles v Tampa Bay Rays

Joe Maddon is a free agent, Gammons mentions Mets as possibility

Rays manager Joe Maddon has opted out of his contract and will be leaving the team, according to reporter Buster Olney (ESPN, Oct. 24).

1:57 pm: Friends of Maddon’s speculate he could end up with the Mets or Cubs, according to Peter Gammons (Twitter, Oct. 24).

1:35 pm: Maddon has already started reaching out to teams, he has 4-5 legit suitors and is expected to manage with a new organization in 2015, according to his agent (Rosenthal, Oct. 24).

1:33 pm: Olney, Ken Rosenthal and Joel Sherman all predict Maddon will eventually end up with the Cubs (ESPN, Oct. 24), despite their manager being signed through 2016.

1:24 pm: In the moments after news leaked about Maddon, the Dodgers began telling reporters that Don Mattingly will remain their manager in 2015.

In late September, the Mets announced that Terry Collins will return as their manager. He is under contract through next season and has a team option for 2016.

miniMCavatarMatthew Cerrone: Well, now this is interesting. Maddon is widely considered to be among the best, most progressive, creative managers in the game. So, with respect to Terry Collins, who is under contract through 2015, the Mets have to at least check in with Maddon and consider what it would take to bring him in. I have no idea how Sandy Alderson would view Maddon’s celebrity status, since he seems to prefer quieter, middle managers. But, Maddon should be vieweddas an exception.

That said, if I’m Maddon, I’d stay a free agent. I’d grab a job at MLB Network or ESPN, both of whom would love to have him, rest, spend time with my family and then make myself available next winter, when the Cubs, Mets, Dodgers and almost every one else will fall over themselves to hire him.