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Black feels ‘funky fresh’ after bullpen session

Vic Black (herniated disk in neck) threw off a mound Thursday.

He made 15 pitches, which he said felt “funky fresh,” before a full mound session on Saturday.

Black is eligible to return from the DL Monday and he said he will be ready to return by then (Twitter, Sept. 4).

Matt Harvey was also scheduled to throw an ‘up/down’ bullpen Thursday, pitching coach  Dan Warthen told reporters on Wednesday (Ehalt, Sept. 3). Harvey will throw, rest eight minutes, then throw again.


got to love this kid.  no fear.

just be healthy next year and throw his 2 helacious pitches.


I wanna party with Vic Black.


Dear Bud Selig,

Please let the Mets, including Bud Black (got to keep it topical), wear NYPD and FDNY hats at "NYC uniformed services night" tonight, to honor these true heroes. It doesn't always have to be about MLB merchandizing rights - these men and women mean more to NYC since 9/11/01 than all the financial gain you get from your ridiculous hat branding campaigns.

Andrew Vazzano
Andrew Vazzano moderator

"Funky fresh" is my new favorite thing.

Word up. His arm be fly yo. Nowhamsaying.