Game 4: Nationals vs. Mets at 6:10 PM

Tonight at 6:10 pm, the Mets (1-0-1) host the Nationals (0-1-1) at Tradition Field.

Batting OrderMetsNationals
1Collin Cowgill CFEury Perez CF
2Brandon Hicks SSSteve Lombardozzi 2B
3David Wright 3BCorey Brown RF
4Ike Davis 1BTyler Moore DH
5Marlon Byrd RFChris Marrero 1B
6Jamie Hoffmann LFCarlos Rivero LF
7Andrew Brown DHMatt Skole 3B
8John Buck CChris Snyder C
9Wilmer Flores 2BZach Walters SS

Colin McHugh will start for the Mets, after which Gonzalez Germen, Scott Rice, Elvin Ramirez and Greg Burke will take the mound.

Gio Gonzalez will start for the Nationals.

Tonight’s game will be broadcasted on SNY and WFAN 660 AM.