MetsBlog LIVE Q&ACast at 2 p.m. ET

MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone and host Robert Brender talk about the state of the Mets, Thursday’s draft and the potential for a summer trade, during a LIVE MetsBlog Q&ACast…

Mostly Mets pres by Caesars AC: The draft and a better bullpen

Toby Hyde and Robert Brender are joined by Baseball America’s John Manuel for a full preview of the Mets potential picks in the MLB Draft.  Later, the discussion turns back to the big leagues and – don’t look now – a better bullpen?

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  • Talking Mets and the MLB Draft with Baseball America’s John Manuel
  • A better bullpen? (23:10)
  • One Good Thing, One Bad Thing (37:50)
    • Good: Cheesesteak records, Wright in May
    • Bad: Chris Young, Lagares hurt

MetsBlog Q&ACast, presented by Verizon

MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone talks with WOR pre- and post-game host Seth Everett about Sandy Alderson’s comments regarding payroll, the job status of Terry Collins, Citi Field’s influence on hitting, the point of batting coaches and the risks and rewards around trading top pitching for position players…

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MetsBlog Q&ACast, presented by Verizon

Matthew Cerrone of answers voicemails from fans about Zack Wheeler’s development, what’s next on Sandy Alderson’s plan, and what should the future hold for Terry Collins…

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MetsBlog Q&ACast, presented by Verizon…

In this week’s MetsBlog Q&ACast, pres. by Verizon, Mets fan and President of Baseball Prospectus, Joe Hamrahi, talks with Matthew Cerrone about Sandy Alderson’s choices as GM of the Mets in contrast to other teams in baseball…

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Citi Field scoreboard HDR 2

MetsBlog Week in Review: Flores, Hudgens, Lagares and Cali

According to Toby Hyde, if Wilmer Flores can hit roughly .225, with a .300 OBP and .330 SLG, his at bats should cancel out his struggles in the field >> Read More.

If you want Mets hitting coach Dave Hudgens fired, give it up, it’s not going to happen, explains Matthew Cerrone >> Read More.

SNY.TV’s Rob Brender traveled to Angels Stadium the other week to profile native-Californians Travis d’Arnaud and Josh Satin return home >> Watch Here.

At a time when nothing seems to be working for the Mets, it’s a comfort to see Juan Lagares take a key position and run with it, Maggie Wiggin explained >> Read More.

The Mets seem to have a boom-and-burn bullpen strategy, which Cerrone says is a cause for concern >> Read More.

MetsBlog Q&A: Curtis Granderson talks about his slump, Citi Field, and playing in the NL

Michael Baron: It’s been a tough stretch to start the year. How do you mitigate a slump like this during the game?

Curtis Granderson: You go ahead and say, ‘I can’t get everything back in one at-bat, I got to take this one pitch at a time,’ and understand what the opposing pitcher is trying to do at that time and what the situation is. If it’s a situation where I can get the runner over, let me get a pitch where I can do that. If I gotta get the runner in, I gotta do that. … I just have to continue to drive that point home, and realize I can’t get it all back at one time.

Michael Baron: Do you go about your at-bats differently at Citi Field, as opposed to some other parks you’ve played in the American League?

Curtis Granderson: I haven’t. There are sometimes where you might have a glare in certain stadiums, but this isn’t one of them. It depends on how that glare is – it could be for an inning or an at-bat. Out of all the stadiums I’ve played in, there really isn’t much difference you take where you say, ‘OK, because the stadium is shaped this way, I’m going to do something a little bit different this time around.’ I’ve never really looked at it that way. You still have to get a pitch to drive, and if you can drive it, you can do some things with it.

Curtis Granderson waits in the dugout

Michael Baron: Do you find playing right field in Citi Field to be a bigger challenge?

Curtis Granderson: It’s not necessarily a bigger challenge. It has been a little windier to start the season, but it’s been windy on the east coast in general. Whenever you have wind, it’s another element you have to keep in mind, and look at which flags you can rely on to get your reads and judges on. It’s a learning experience in every stadium you go to. Each stadium has it’s own characteristics in terms of what the wind is doing.

The big thing is realizing if this is a wall I can possibly go into or if it’s a wall I need to be careful of, because I have to worry about my health.

Mets congratulate Curtis Granderson for his home run

Michael Baron: It’s early, but what have been some of the nice things about playing in the National League so far?

Curtis Granderson: I like watching the pitchers hit. It’s always something I enjoyed during inter-league play. Whether it’s a guy that can hit, or just a guy who is looking to move the runners over, it’s something I’ve enjoyed.