Mostly Mets, pres. by Caesars AC: The bullpen, the farm, plus Drew and shortstop talk

Toby Hyde and Robert Brender welcome 2014 on the Mostly Mets Podcast. They answer Twitter questions about the breakdown of the Mets bullpen and the state of the farm system. Plus, the inevitable Stephen Drew/shortstop discussion, plus some Good Thing, Bad Thing.

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  • Talking to Twitter about The Bullpen and The Farm
  • Other offseason notes
  • Stephen Drew and shortstops (23:50)
  • One Good Thing, One Bad Thing (32:20)
    • Good: Valdy still wacky, more catching depth
    • Bad: Weather delays, NCAA

David Wright 20 (Baron)

David Wright reflects on the end of 2007, 2008

It was painful, and took time, but David Wright now says 2007 and 2008 give him a better appreciation for winning, he told Matthew Cerrone during last week’s MetsBlog Q&ACast, presented by Verizon…

“There were many sleepless nights, there’s no question about that,” Wright said about the days after each of those seasons. “When I look back on that whole experience, it makes me appreciate winning a lot more.”

“I got called up in 2004. We started heading in the right direction in 2005. In 2006 we had an incredible year. In 2007, we just could do nothing right,” he said. “I don’t know if it was ‘we,’ as a whole, pressing and trying too hard, but we lost our swagger down the stretch. We had a very good team, but we just didn’t get the job done.”

“In 2008, it was little bit different,” Wright said. “We had some crucial, crucial injuries down the stretch. It just seemed like we didn’t have the firepower that some teams that we were going against had. So, I think 2007 and 2008 were two different circumstances, but as a player it’s sleepless nights. It’s going back through every pitch, every at bat. What could I have done differently to help? Was there a big hit I could have gotten, was there a big play I could have made? What could I have done to get us over the hump? It drives you crazy.”

You can listen to Cerrone’s entire 15-minute interview with Wright, during which he also talks rebounding from injury, how he stays motivated, and the importance of chemistry in the clubhouse…

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Q&ACast, pres. by Verizon: Wright talks injury, setting example with rehab

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

In this week’s MetsBlog Q&ACast, pres. by Verizon, David Wright said he hates to sit on the bench, which is why it was important to him to get back on the field last year, even  though he could have easily taken the rest of the year off to rehab his injured hamstring…

“I think, especially with how young of a team we had last year, that I show if you get hurt, you do your rehab properly, you work hard, you get back in the lineup,” he said. “That’s what you’re supposed to do. I understand you want to be careful with injuries, but — in my eyes — there’s no room for taking too long, relaxing and making a vacation out of it. You do your rehab, you get back on the field and you play.”

I love this answer. I was one of my people who thought he should have taken the end of the year off, rest and be sure he was healthy and ready for 2014, but the man makes a good point. What type of example would that have sent? Fans and media talk a lot about the importance of ‘playing like a winner,’ team chemistry’ and ‘culture,’ but often revert back to stats and thinking about the game in a very black-or-white way. This is an example of the type of psychology that doesn’t have a column on the stat page, but which is important and so difficult to quantity.

Also during the 15-minute interview, Wright talks about the difficulty of playing on teams that under-perform, the importance of chemistry in the clubhouse, and his affinity for TV dramas…

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Listen: MetsBlog Q&ACast, presented by Verizon…

In this week’s Q&ACast, pres. by Verizon, MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone answers questions from the guys at TSB Radio about the story behind MetsBlog, life covering the Winter Meetings and what’s next for the Mets this off season.

To learn more about TSB Radio, check out their show page or click here to subscribe using iTunes.

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Mostly Mets, pres. by Caesars AC: Bartolo Colon, New Year’s Resolutions, and a full 2013 Wrap Party

Toby Hyde and Robert Brender deliver the final 2013 edition of the Mostly Mets Podcast. They cover Colon, a 2013 Year in Review, New Year’s resolutions for 2014 (for the hosts and Sandy Alderson), and one final dose of One Good Thing and One Bad Thing.

For the show rundown, click here...

  • Bartolo Colon
  • The 2014 starting rotation
  • One word for 2013, and players we enjoyed (17:15)
  • Sandy Alderson’s New Year’s Resolutions (33:50)
  • What we want to see in 2014 (38:25)
  • Rob and Toby’s New Year’s Resolutions (40:30)
  • One Good Thing, One Bad Thing (43:20)
    • Good: Justin Tucker, Mets in good hands with Sandy Alderson
    • Bad: Leaving Orlando, New York Knicks

The Queens Baseball Convention at McFadden’s

QBC_shirt-150x150The guys from MetsPolice are putting together the Queens Baseball Convention 2014 on Saturday, Jan. 18 at McFadden’s Citi Field.

The event will include panels, games, prizes, mascots and presentations and autograph signings with Ron Darling and Eddie Kranepool.

To listen to Shannon Shark of Mets Police talk QBC14, listen this episode of Dennis has a Podcastfollow @QBC14 on Twitter or visit their website.

MetsBlog LIVE from the Winter Meetings

Earlier today on MetsBlog LIVE from the Winter Meetings, SNY.TV’s Robert Brender talked hot stove rumors and answered questions with MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone and Casey Stern from SiriusXM’s MLB Network Radio…

To listen to the show, click play here…

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MetsBlog Q&A: Ken Rosenthal previews the Winter Meetings for the Mets

This afternoon at the Winter Meetings,’s Ken Rosenthal talked with SNY.TV’s Robert Brender about Sandy Alderson’s off-season strategy, the team’s payroll constraints, and the reported signing of free agent OF Curtis Granderson.

Brender: Do you get a sense of what direction Sandy Alderson is going in this week?

Rosenthal: “Actually, no. A starting pitcher would be good. Or a veteran starting pitcher. But, at the same time, I think they’re pretty much open to anything. Bullpen, obviously. All teams are looking for bullpen. And, something is going to happen on the infield on the right side. I don’t know what it’s going to be. I would not expect Murphy, Duda and Davis to all be on the same team next season.”

Brender: Do you still think the Mets will add another outfielder?

Rosenthal: “Certainly that would be a possibility. I would be interested in seeing how Chris Young plays next year. Now, he isn’t a great player. Nobody should confuse him with a great player. But, he had to accept a part-time role for the first time last year with Oakland. Clearly, it wasn’t easy for him, as it wouldn’t be easy for most players. I don’t expect him to get 600 plate appearances this year, but it’s one year of this being behind him, so he might be accustomed to it. So, I would expect he would be better than he was last year. He’s not going to be a high average guy or a low strikeout guy. But, he can do some things – he has some power. I think he will be a useful addition for them.”

To listen to the rest of the Brender’s talk with Rosenthal, click the play button below:

Rosenthal’s charity,, which is part of the Dhani Jones philanthropic initiative, helps raise awareness for charities and issues around the country.

MetsBlog Q&ACast, pres. by Verizon: Hardball Talk’s DJ Short talks Mets hot stove

In this week’s MetsBlog Q&ACast, pres. by Verizon, MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone catches up with old friend D.J. Short, who is a passionate Mets fan that once wrote for MetsBlog, but is now a featured contributor on’s Hardball Talk…

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Mostly Mets, pres. by Caesars AC: Talking Granderson, Cano, HoJo’s hitting philosophy