MetsBlog Q&ACast, pres. by Verizon: Mookie talks trading for Gary Carter

According to former Mets OF Mookie Wilson, players are so caught up in what they’re doing on field, they often don’t consider whether their team is one or two or 10 impact players away from having a playoff-contending team, he told MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone this past week at the Verizon Studio in Citi Field…

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“I didn’t see it in 1985 when we made the deal for Gary Carter,” said Wilson, author of Mookie: Life, Baseball and the 86 Mets. “I didn’t see it, because I felt we traded away a player (Hubie Brooks) who was really valuable to us, but once he got here I said, ‘OK, we needed that guy.'”

In this week’s MetsBlog Q&ACast, presented by Verizon, Cerrone also chats in detail with Mookie about the influence of his father, coming up in the Mets organization through bad times then good, doubts during 1986, and whether it’s wise to trade young pitching for hitting…


If anything proves my point that the fanbase doesn't connect with Mookie like marketing feels we do, there are two comments here after almost two hours and one is mine and the other is about the lineup.  The lesson: don't wear an opposing team's jersey in our house and expect us to revere you. He's not hated or anything, he's just over exposed.  Bring Ray Knight, McDowell, Mitchell and Davey back to the family and you'll find people more excited.

Kyle Tompkins
Kyle Tompkins

Mets are again 2 hitters away. You get a solid leadoff hitter so granderson can bat 6th and then u need to get impact guy in Tulo or carGo.














At least 90 wins


Mookie is an idiot.  Sorry to be so blunt, but that line about Gary Carter is typical Mookie,  That's the same short sighted mentality he used when putting on a Cardinals jersey at Shea during the 2006 NLCS to support his stepson/ express his problem with management while not understanding his relationship with the fans is his money maker. He's also a crappy coach who feels entitled to jobs and publicly complains about people who cut him checks to be a brand ambassador.

I'm sorry, I'm just sick of this guy.  He was a decent outfielder who struck out too much, had no plate discipline, ran well, but was never able to maximize his own ability.  When Mookie was the only decent player in 1982, people got into the name and stolen bases, but since then he's been more legend that reality.

I was at game six; anyone my age or older was watching in some way... which one of you wasn't upset when he of all people came up during that inning?  The man was a strike out machine and never did anything clutch. We got lucky in that all our clutch guys happened to be up one after the other; a future MVP, a Hall Of Famer and Ray Golden Gloves Knight... that's a hard group to end a WS against.  Boston brought in a choke specialist and the Mets had their strikeout machine up...  Mookie bascially tried to avoid getting hit by a baseball and then grounded to first.  He was lucky that McNamara was bascially Terry Collins and threw the wrong pitcher in to start the inning (how do you put a emotionally fragile ex-Met in to face the heart of their lineup and close out as WS?) and then allowed loyalty to weaken his defense. By the time he brings poor choke specialist Bob Stanley in, it was just ugly. 

I'm very thankful it happened and I appreciate Mookie was involved, but 1986 happened because of a ton of great guys...  Mookie was hurt much of the season and was never as much of a fan favorite as the team thinks he was.