Amazin Avenue: Paul DePodesta on graduating players, and drafting without a first-round pick

The Mets have been focused of late on acquiring more position players in the farm system, the team’s VP of player development, Paul DePodesta, told Chris McShane.

DePodesta said he’s proud of what the Mets have produced internally, but he’s also excited about what’s on the way >> Read more at Amazin Avenue.


2015 Draft bonus pools released

The bonus pools for the 2015 First-Year Player Draft have been released (Baseball America, Feb. 26).

The amount allotted is determined by each team’s draft position, the number of picks they have, and the amount of money they spent during the prior year’s draft.

The Mets, who do not have a pick until the second round (53rd overall), will have $3,587,800 to spend –  the lowest amount in baseball. The Mets forfeited their first round pick (14th overall) in order to sign Michael Cuddyer.

The pool money is used to give bonuses to all players selected in the first 10 rounds of the draft and players selected in the last 30 rounds who receive more than $100,000.

Any club that goes over the bonus allotment incurs a large tax.

The 2015 First-Year Player Draft will take place from June 8 through June 10.

BA: Mets don’t draft until No. 53 in the 2nd Round

The Mets do not make a selection in next year’s MLB Draft until No. 53 in the second round >> Read more at Baseball America.

Sandy Alderson forfeited his top pick by signing OF Michael Cuddyer, who was extended a qualifying offer by the Rockies

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Simply put, the Mets are drafting better players

The Mets have the fourth-best farm system baseball, according to prospect expert Keith Law (ESPN, Jan. 28).

According to Law, the team is simply drafting better these days, he told Tommy Rothman (MMO, Jan. 30).

“I just think they’ve drafted a lot smarter, especially towards the top,” Law explained. “We’ll see if some of the later picks work, they’ve had some later picks that were interesting, those often take a little longer to percolate and show that there’s real value. But, I think, that they’ve clicked on most of their high picks the last few years.”

Law says he loved the pick of OF Michael Conforto in last year’s draft, because he was best pure hitter in that class.

“That’s the kind of player they just didn’t seem to be taking previously,” he explained. “It’s hard for me to really characterize what the draft strategy was under Omar Minaya’s regime, because I never really got it, I never understood it. Now, they’re doing a better job of just saying, ‘Who’s the best player on the board? We’ll take that guy.'”

ESPN’s Keith Law included six Mets in his Top 100 Prospect List for 2015 (ESPN Insider, Jan. 29).

Here are six things you’ll learn about the above players from Law’s list >> Read More.


Mets select Gilmartin, lose Verrett and four others in Rule 5 Draft

MLB’s annual Rule 5 Draft will conclude this week’s MLB Winter Meetings at 12 p.m. ET.

Update, 12:08 pm: The Mets have selected 24-year-old LHP Sean Gilmartin from the Twins during the draft >> More on Gilmartin.

Gilmartin, 24, went 9-7 with a 3.71 ERA (60 earned runs/145.2 innings) in 26 starts between New Britain (Double-A) of the Eastern League and Rochester (Triple-A) of the International League in 2014. The 6-2, 190-pounder held lefties to a .201 (30-149) mark with five extra-base hits (all doubles) while issuing four walks and registering 49 strikeouts last year, the Mets said.

The Mets now have 40 men on their 40-man roster.

Update, 12:10 pm: The Orioles have selected Mets Triple-A RHP Logan Verrett, who ended 2014 in Triple-A and did not rank in the team’s Top 20 prospects entering this season.

Update, 12:30 pm: The Mets lost RHP Greg Peavey, C Cam Maron, SS Juan Gamboa and RHP Randy Fontanez in the minor league portion of the Rule 5 draft.

To learn more about how the draft works, read this FAQ from

Sandy Alderson said Wednesday that he expects to lose several players during the draft, which he views as a testament to his strong minor league system.

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Mets could lose Logan Verrett during Rule 5 Draft

The Mets are expected to lose RHP Logan Verrett during tomorrow’s Rule 5 Draft (Sherman, Dec. 10).

Verrett, 24, was not added to the team’s 40-man roster before November’s deadline, meaning he’s eligible for the draft. However, if a team selects him, he must remain on their big-league roster all season or be offered back to the Mets for a fee.

He ended 2014 in Triple-A and did not rank in the team’s Top 20 prospects entering this season, while going 11-5 with a 4.33 ERA.

In October, Mets Triple-A pitching coach Frank Viola told SNY.TV that Verrett is capable of being a back-end starting pitcher or reliever. On the other hand, minor-league reporter JJ Cooper says Verrett has always struggled against left-handed hitters because he lacks a true plus pitch (Baseball America, Nov. 25).


Want to give up another draft pick? Oh well…

Melky Cabrera may soon be the only non-starting pitcher on the free agent market tied to draft pick compensation.

Nelson Cruz and the Mariners have reportedly agreed to a four-year deal (MLBTR, Dec. 1), while closer David Robertson is said to be looking at multiple, multi-year offers (Heyman, Dec. 1).

Sandy Alderson said last week that he would consider giving up another draft pick if a player is available at a discount toward the end of the off season (MLB Network Radio, Nov. 26).

miniMCavatarMatthew Cerrone: The way Alderson explained it, because he’s already given up his top pick, he would consider giving up another if he could snag a player with an affordable one-year deal. For instance, last winter, Cruz started the winter asking for five years and ended up signing for just one season with the Orioles. In the event a similar situation repeats itself, Alderson is saying he would weigh it out. Of course, this is all about to be a moot point…



Viola likes Triple-A reliever Verrett, who could be taken in Rule 5 Draft

The Mets have five players who could be selected during December’s Rule 5 Draft, including Triple-A reliever Logan Verrett, according to reporter JJ Cooper (Baseball America, Nov. 27).

In October, Mets Triple-A pitching coach Frank Viola said Verrett is capable of making a difference in the big leagues, either as back-end starting pitcher or reliever.

His slider is already good enough to get out big-league hitters, according to Viola.

However, Cooper adds, “He lacks a true plus pitch and he’s always been vulnerable to left-handed hitters.”

Verrett, 24, ended 2014 in Triple-A and did not rank in the team’s Top 20 prospects entering this season.

He was 11-5 with a 4.33 ERA at Triple-A Las Vegas in 2014.


Alderson says Mets are willing to give up another draft pick

The Mets will consider giving up another draft pick if a player is available at a discount toward the end of the off season, Sandy Alderson said Tuesday (MLB Network Radio, Nov. 26).

Alderson cited last year’s situation with Nelson Cruz, who had been looking for a multi-year deal early in the winter, but eventually signed a one-year, $8 million with the Orioles.

“We’d consider it, of course it’s easier to give up a second-round pick,” he said, since he’s already lost a first-round pick from signing Michael Cuddyer.

miniMCavatarMatthew Cerrone: I can see them pursuing David Robertson or Andrew Miller, as well as Cruz, who Alderson had interest in last winter. I think the other free agents who are tied to draft-pick compensation, and who are seeking multi-year deals, will get what they’re looking for. Cruz may struggle, as may Robertson. Miller is already getting three- and four-year offers, so I don’t think he’ll be around much longer. In the end, it’s clear Alderson has no intention of committing to a player beyond next season, regardless of how much money the player is looking to get. So, it’ll come down a situation like Cruz or Stephen Drew last year, assuming they’re willing to accept a one-year deal.


Mets may be willing to give up another draft pick for FA

The Mets might consider signing another free-agent who received a qualifying offer, such as Hanley Ramirez, assuming the player is looking for a one-year deal and has yet to sign on with a new team (Rubin, Nov. 20).

miniMCavatarMatthew Cerrone: I can see them pursuing Ramirez or David Robertson, in the event each player is left out in the cold. I mean, Alderson has already given away their first-round pick in next year’s draft in return for signing Michael Cuddyer. So, at this point, if ever there was a year to sign another big free agent, this would be it, since they may as well give up their second-round pick as well >>> Read More.