Newsday: The Mets, the draft and waiting for the payoff

“We hopefully plan on being here for a while and really trying to do this right,” Paul DePodesta told Newsday’s Cory Derespina about his team’s draft strategy. “We’re not going to take a guy just because he might be the quickest mover to the big leagues.”

According to Derespina, Alderson appears to be executing a draft strategy that focuses on organizational areas of need rather than looking for a quick fix for his big-league roster >> Read more at Newsday.

MLB First Year Player Draft

Mets will have the 15th pick in next year’s draft

The Mets will have the 15th overall pick in next June’s MLB Amateur Draft, based on their 79-83 record in 2014.

The order is determined in reverse order of regular season record, with ties being broken by record from the previous season (MLBTR, Sept. 30).

The Mets did not finish among the 10 worst records in baseball, meaning they will lose their top remaining draft pick in exchange for every free agent signed who is made a qualifying offer.

Noah Syndergaard

Tejada, Young & others may be non-tender candidates ahead of Rule 5 Draft

“Sandy Alderson essentially said Monday that he cannot protect all of the prospects in December’s Rule 5 draft that he would like to shield because of a 40-man roster crunch,” reports Adam Rubin (ESPN NY, Sept. 16).

The 40-man roster, which is full, already includes infielder Dilson Herrera and pitcher Dario Alvarez.

The Mets will be able to remove Daisuke Matsuzaka and Bobby Abreu. However, they’ll essentially be replaced by Matt Harvey and Bobby Parnell, who will need to be added from the 60-day DL at the end of the season.

According to Rubin, Andrew Brown, Cesar Puello, Josh Satin, Eric Young Jr. and Rubin Tejada, among others, could be in jeopardy of being non-tendered by Nov. 20 to make room on the roster for Rule 5-eligible prospects, specifically Noah Syndergaard, Cory Mazzoni, Logan Verrett, Akeel Morris and Jack Leathersich.

In the event a player is left unprotected and taken during December’s Rule 5 draft, he must stay on the new team’s major league roster for the entire 2015 season be offered back to the previous team for a fee.

WSJ: A Look at the Mets’ Fantasy-Football Draft

How do Mets players pass the time when they don’t have a pennant to chase?

The same way everybody else does this time of year: They obsess over their fantasy-football teams, explains Jared Diamond >> Read more in the Wall Street Journal

Video Profiles of Draft Picks, Look at Mets Draft-Signing Strategy

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

The consensus among baseball experts seems to be that the Mets had a nice draft… not great, not awful, but good. Personally, I like that they seemed to focus on drafting high-ceiling power hitters early, then shifted to fairly projectable pitchers later.

michaelconfortoThis reflects their internal needs, but it also reflects the current trend and economics of baseball, which is smart. How these kids pan out is a whole other story…

To learn more about their top picks, check out this series videos profiles we did for SNY.TV:

No. 1: OF Michael Conforto, Oregon State  >> Watch Here.

No. 2: SS Milton Ramos, American Heritage >> Watch Here.

No. 3: 3B Eudor Garcia, El Paso (Texas) CC >> Watch Here.

No. 4: RHP Josh Prevost, Seton Hall >> Watch Here.

The Mets have agreed to terms with Conforto on a deal that will be valued at $2,970,800 (Callis, June 19).

Toby Hyde, Contributor

Conforto’s signing is important, not just because when he signs the Mets will have added a very good hitting prospect, but for who else the Mets might be able to sign from their draft class. In the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, which took effect between the 2011 and 2012 seasons, teams must manage their total cap amount to fit their players in. The Mets took few risks in terms of signability, and have managed their money in a very similar way to last year >> Read more about Alderson’s draft signing strategy at SNY’s Mets Minors.