Mets select Gilmartin, lose Verrett and four others in Rule 5 Draft

MLB’s annual Rule 5 Draft will conclude this week’s MLB Winter Meetings at 12 p.m. ET.

Update, 12:08 pm: The Mets have selected 24-year-old LHP Sean Gilmartin from the Twins during the draft >> More on Gilmartin.

Gilmartin, 24, went 9-7 with a 3.71 ERA (60 earned runs/145.2 innings) in 26 starts between New Britain (Double-A) of the Eastern League and Rochester (Triple-A) of the International League in 2014. The 6-2, 190-pounder held lefties to a .201 (30-149) mark with five extra-base hits (all doubles) while issuing four walks and registering 49 strikeouts last year, the Mets said.

The Mets now have 40 men on their 40-man roster.

Update, 12:10 pm: The Orioles have selected Mets Triple-A RHP Logan Verrett, who ended 2014 in Triple-A and did not rank in the team’s Top 20 prospects entering this season.

Update, 12:30 pm: The Mets lost RHP Greg Peavey, C Cam Maron, SS Juan Gamboa and RHP Randy Fontanez in the minor league portion of the Rule 5 draft.

To learn more about how the draft works, read this FAQ from MiLB.com.

Sandy Alderson said Wednesday that he expects to lose several players during the draft, which he views as a testament to his strong minor league system.

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Mets could lose Logan Verrett during Rule 5 Draft

The Mets are expected to lose RHP Logan Verrett during tomorrow’s Rule 5 Draft (Sherman, Dec. 10).

Verrett, 24, was not added to the team’s 40-man roster before November’s deadline, meaning he’s eligible for the draft. However, if a team selects him, he must remain on their big-league roster all season or be offered back to the Mets for a fee.

He ended 2014 in Triple-A and did not rank in the team’s Top 20 prospects entering this season, while going 11-5 with a 4.33 ERA.

In October, Mets Triple-A pitching coach Frank Viola told SNY.TV that Verrett is capable of being a back-end starting pitcher or reliever. On the other hand, minor-league reporter JJ Cooper says Verrett has always struggled against left-handed hitters because he lacks a true plus pitch (Baseball America, Nov. 25).


Want to give up another draft pick? Oh well…

Melky Cabrera may soon be the only non-starting pitcher on the free agent market tied to draft pick compensation.

Nelson Cruz and the Mariners have reportedly agreed to a four-year deal (MLBTR, Dec. 1), while closer David Robertson is said to be looking at multiple, multi-year offers (Heyman, Dec. 1).

Sandy Alderson said last week that he would consider giving up another draft pick if a player is available at a discount toward the end of the off season (MLB Network Radio, Nov. 26).

miniMCavatarMatthew Cerrone: The way Alderson explained it, because he’s already given up his top pick, he would consider giving up another if he could snag a player with an affordable one-year deal. For instance, last winter, Cruz started the winter asking for five years and ended up signing for just one season with the Orioles. In the event a similar situation repeats itself, Alderson is saying he would weigh it out. Of course, this is all about to be a moot point…



Viola likes Triple-A reliever Verrett, who could be taken in Rule 5 Draft

The Mets have five players who could be selected during December’s Rule 5 Draft, including Triple-A reliever Logan Verrett, according to reporter JJ Cooper (Baseball America, Nov. 27).

In October, Mets Triple-A pitching coach Frank Viola said Verrett is capable of making a difference in the big leagues, either as back-end starting pitcher or reliever.

His slider is already good enough to get out big-league hitters, according to Viola.

However, Cooper adds, “He lacks a true plus pitch and he’s always been vulnerable to left-handed hitters.”

Verrett, 24, ended 2014 in Triple-A and did not rank in the team’s Top 20 prospects entering this season.

He was 11-5 with a 4.33 ERA at Triple-A Las Vegas in 2014.


Alderson says Mets are willing to give up another draft pick

The Mets will consider giving up another draft pick if a player is available at a discount toward the end of the off season, Sandy Alderson said Tuesday (MLB Network Radio, Nov. 26).

Alderson cited last year’s situation with Nelson Cruz, who had been looking for a multi-year deal early in the winter, but eventually signed a one-year, $8 million with the Orioles.

“We’d consider it, of course it’s easier to give up a second-round pick,” he said, since he’s already lost a first-round pick from signing Michael Cuddyer.

miniMCavatarMatthew Cerrone: I can see them pursuing David Robertson or Andrew Miller, as well as Cruz, who Alderson had interest in last winter. I think the other free agents who are tied to draft-pick compensation, and who are seeking multi-year deals, will get what they’re looking for. Cruz may struggle, as may Robertson. Miller is already getting three- and four-year offers, so I don’t think he’ll be around much longer. In the end, it’s clear Alderson has no intention of committing to a player beyond next season, regardless of how much money the player is looking to get. So, it’ll come down a situation like Cruz or Stephen Drew last year, assuming they’re willing to accept a one-year deal.