We Need This in Queens

miniMCavatarMatthew Cerrone: This is awesome! Nice work, Darren Meenan, who traveled to Kansas City for last night’s Game 7, rooted for the Royals, but raised this sign to FOX cameras while wearing his Mets gear:



5 Questions, 5 Answers: Joe Maddon, Terry Collins, Jeff Wilpon and PR

The day he opted out of his contract with the Rays, Joe Maddon’s friends speculated he would have interest in the Cubs and Mets.4 However, Mets COO Jeff Wilpon was quick to announce the Mets would not be changing managers, despite Maddon’s availability.1,2

The Cubs are expected to announce the hiring of Maddon in the next few days.5,6

miniMCavatarMatthew Cerrone: I’m getting a lot of questions about Maddon, what happened, if the Mets have interest and what did Wilpon mean? Here are five questions and five answers addressing all of the above |   To read more of this story, click here

Baltimore Orioles v Tampa Bay Rays

Maddon to Cubs, Mets not changing managers

The Cubs will reportedly hire Joe Maddon as their new manager5,6, though follow up reports indicate the two sides are still in negotiations, Maddon is still talking with other interested teams.7,8

Maddon opted out of his contract last week following failed negotiations over a contract extension.3

In the days after he opted out, Maddon’s friends speculated he would have interest in the Cubs, as well as the Mets.4 However, Mets COO Jeff Wilpon was quick to announce his team would not be changing managers, despite Maddon’s availability1,2

In late September, before the season ended, the Mets announced Terry Collins would continue as their manager. He is under contract through next season and has a team option for 2016.

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Wednesday’s Arizona Fall League recap…

Mets pitching prospect Rob Whalen had his second straight solid outing, tossing four scoreless innings, while allowing just two hits.

After giving up seven runs in his first 4 2/3 innings in Arizona, he’s limited his last two opponents to one run in eight frames >> Read more at SNY’s Mets Minors

Vic Black 1 (AP)

Vic Black feels great, expects to throw next week

Vic Black’s arm and neck feel great, he said. He expects to begin his off-season throwing program next week.1

Black had his season ended in early September due to a herniated disk.

In his final appearance of the season, he hit a batter, threw a wild pitch and gave up an RBI double. His velocity was around 92-93 mph, a stat which prompted the team’s concern earlier this season.2

Black later said his shoulder felt “weak,”as if he was stepping on the gas pedal and it wasn’t responding.3

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