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Mets didn't watch Kazmir, simply not interested.

According to MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone, the Mets did not have a scout in Houston today to watch Scott Kazmir’s workout.

In a post to Twitter, Newsday’s David Lennon said the team simply was ‘not interested.’


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“Kazmir threw at about 86-87 mph today, touched 89 mph in his workout,”’s Buster Olney said on Twitter. “That’s better than last season with the Angels.”

According to Olney, there were roughly 10 scouts in attendance, To read more of this story, click here

Quote: Wright talks about his relationship with Gary Carter

Today in St. Lucie, David Wright had the following to say about Gary Carter:

[jbox color="gray"]“Obviously, it’s a sad day. … You put on this uniform and you see all the pictures of Gary celebrating and smiling, you strive to be that type of player and that type of person. I mean, being around him, you understand the excitement he has for this game. Coming up from the minor leagues, when I broke in to the big leagues, even until a month ago, Gary kept in touch. He would call and want to talk baseball and talk about the team, and talk about what I was feeling at the plate. It was incredible, for him to be in the situation he was in, to take time out, 15, 20 minutes, just to talk baseball, hearing his voice and him talking about the game, those will be my lasting memories and something that will stick with me pretty vividly.”[/jbox]

To see video of Wright talking about Carter, go here on SNY.TV.

Video: Highlights from Johan's bullpen & talk with media

Johan Santana threw a 25-pitch bullpen session in St. Lucie today.

According to SNY’s Matt Dunn, Terry Collins described today as a ‘big day,’ he was very pleased, and, barring any unforeseen issues, Johan will likely throw again on Tuesday.

To see video of Johan pitching today, and to see clips from his talk with reporters, watch this:

To see pictures of Santana’s bullpen session, check out this post from earlier today.

Q&A: Duda talks to MetsBlog about his defense

Earlier this week,’s Michael Baron conducted the following Q&A with Lucas Duda:

[jbox color="blue"]Michael Baron: Knowing that you’re likely going to be the opening day right fielder, is your mindset any different than they were at this time last year?

Lucas Duda: The mindset hasn’t really changed. You have to earn your spot everyday. I’m not really looking at the starting job. I’m trying to improve my game, work hard, and hopefully help this team win.

Michael Baron: Regarding your preparation, what are some of the things you’ve been working on both offensively and defensively this winter?

Lucas Duda: Not much has changed offensively. Defensively, I think a large amount of the improvement needs to come from getting out here early, getting balls off the bat in batting practice, extra flyballs, and working with Tom Goodwin – that’s definitely going to help me.

Michael Baron: Defensively, what do you think you have needed to improve upon the most?

Lucas Duda: It’s everything. It’s about adjusting and being comfortable. Overall, its getting confident and feeling like you belong, and that confidence can be built upon – I am in that process now.

Michael Baron: Do you think old dimensions at Citi Field could have played a role in your defensive struggles, or is it something you feel you needed to work on generally?

Lucas Duda: Outfield is a newer thing for me at the big league level. It wasn’t the wall’s fault if I missed a ball or misread a ball. Having the new wall out there, I can make better adjustments. It’s going to be shorter and I am not the fastest guy in the world. I think that might cut down on my routes. Andres Torres can really run the ball down, and so I think that will really help me as well.[/jbox]

To read more about Duda, check out Andy McCullough’s report in the Star-Ledger.