News: Josh Thole has been Promoted

The Mets have promoted catcher Josh Thole from Double-A Binghamton of the Eastern League.

He is expected to join the Mets in Colorado for tomorrow evening’s game and will wear uniform No. 30.

Yesterday, Jerry Manuel said before the game that Thole might be limited to facing only right-handed pitchers.

frankly, i’d like to see thole bat against whomever… i mean, the team should be selective, if for no other reason than to not crush his confidence, but i don’t understand why lefty or righty should matter

Thole hit .328 against both left-handed and right-handed pitchers during his time in Binghamton.


News: Beltran to Begin Rehab Assignment

According to SNY, Carlos Beltran was examined by Dr. David Altchek this morning, and has been cleared to begin a rehab assignment this Wednesday night in Brooklyn with the Cyclones.


News: Johan and Ollie Under the Knife

The Mets today announced that Johan Santana and Oliver Perez will each undergo surgery tomorrow at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan.

Santana will have bone chips removed from his left elbow; while Perez will have scar tissue removed from the patella tendon of his right knee.


Opinion: Jose Reyes, The Great White Whale

in doing some research on Jose Reyes, i found this old post from Buster Olney, which i found intriguing

In early June, in a post to his blog for, Olney wrote about the 26–year-old shortstop, while citing talent evaluators who doubt Reyes will ever be able to take his game to the ‘next level.’

In the end, Olney writes, “Rest assured, most teams would love to have Reyes… But, waiting for Reyes to develop into a superstar might turn out to be the Mets search for the great white whale; there’s a chance that it might never be satisfied. He might already be as good as he’s going to get.”

reyes confuses me, too… when he’s on fire, and clicking, and smiling, and dancing, and the team’s winning, and he’s stealing bases and legging out triples, he’s the most exciting player in the game… in 2006, talk radio was bogged down in debate about whether reyes was the best shortstop in New York, he was on the cover of ESPN: The Magazine’s Playoff Preview… and so on… and yet, here we are, just two years later, he’s been out most all of this season with a mysterious hamstring injury, and i can’t help and wonder if he is what he is… is this as good as he’ll be… is he ‘that player,’ you know, the guy who shows signs of greatness, who i believe is a super star, but who then drifts in to struggle, then back to greatness, then back to struggle, all interspersed with the occasional injury, talk of immaturity and a magazine cover

for instance, i have a good feeling about what David Wright is all about… even despite his awkward season this year, i still have a good sense of what wright will deliver on a year-in and year-out basis… but, with jose, it would not shock me if he won the MVP next season, so much as it would not shock me to see him hit .250…

in other words, i know jose can be great… my question is, will he be great… or, like olney says, will he end up being the team’s great white whale


Buzz: Kazmir and Peterson, Duncan is a Free Agent

In a report for Biz of Baseball, Gary Armida details how Rick Peterson worked recently with Scott Kazmir to to get the young left-handed pitcher back on track.

…isn’t that sweet… i wonder if rick, kazmir and their friend Irony all went out for drinks following the workouts…

Kazmir, who was traded last week from the Rays to the Angels, is 2-0 with 21 strikeouts in 19 innings during his last three starts.

Speaking of pitching coaches…

According to the New York Times, Cardinals pitching Dave Duncan could be looking for a new team this off season.

if he is, i assume most every team will be interested… and the Mets better be one of them… he’s the elite pitching coach in baseball, and he’s notorious for actually being able to fix pitchers in 10 minutes…


Read: Biggest Bust in 2009 is the Mets

Jon Heyman of ranks the Mets as No. 1 on his Biggest Busts list for 2009.

well, of course, jon, since it was your magazine that picked the Mets to win the World Series…

…oh, month of March, how i miss thee

By the way, in a post to Twitter, Heyman says he is hearing Carlos Beltran could be back in seven to 10 days.


Read: The Phillies Miss the Mets

Jim Salisbury of the Philadelphia Inquirer says Philadelphia misses the Mets.

i want to respond to this, but i have nothing to say… so, enjoy it, philly… win, brag, be coy, whatveer, get it out of your system, enjoy October, and let’s talk again in March


Reminder: Francisco Rodriguez is on the Mets

Yesterday, Francisco Rodriguez pitched scoreless ninth inning for his 28th save of the season, and his first in more than a week.

…i’ll be honest, i go days forgetting k-rod is even on the teamwhat a shame

Rodriguez has just five saves in seven chances in 17 relief appearances since the All-Star break, during which he has a 6.06 ERA.

In a report for the Bergen Record, Tara Sullivan talks with Rodriguez, and pitching coach Dan Warthen, about the closer’s odd season, compared to life with the Angels last year.

“Believe me, I’m having fun here.” Rodriguez told Sullivan.  “I’m having a great experience… It’s a good feeling to have and hopefully next year we’ll be back to a winning team.”

…maybe this will turn out to be a good thing for rodriguez, in that he was able to get a year, as a closer in New York City, to just coast a bit, and ‘fly under the radar,’ so to speak, and get comfortable in advance of next season, which will hopefully be a lot more pressure-packed