Health: Oliver Perez has Tendinitis

Oliver Perez experienced additional discomfort in his knee following his last start for Triple-A Buffalo.

He had an MRI in New York, and was diagnosed with tendinitis of the patella tendon.

Perez will instead return to St. Lucie where he will continue his rehab.


Note: Mets-Yankees Tix, Online Registration

Roughly eight weeks after Opening Day, the Mets have launched an online registration for the opportunity to purchase tickets for the Subway Series, between the Mets and Yankees, June 26-28, at Citi Field.

The registration for the online random drawing will run through Thursday, June 4.

According to a press release, “There is a limit of one entry per person… Registration for the drawing closes Thursday, June 4, at 11:59 p.m.  A limited number of fans will be selected in the online random drawing and will be notified via e-mail by Tuesday, June 9 with instructions regarding the online purchase of up to four (4) tickets.”

For more information, visit, or 718-507-TIXX.


Lineup: The B-Team

In January, while creating mock lineups, and brainstorming about who should hit where, I failed to think of this combination:

Today, Angel Pagan will bat leadoff against the Marlins, followed in order by Fernando Martinez in right field, then Carlos Beltran, Fernando Tatis at third, Daniel Murphy at first, Ramon Martinez at second, Brian Schneider, Wilson Valdez at short, and Tim Redding on the mound.

Manuel mentioned getting Valdez a start this weekend, and Schneider is in to face the left-handed starter, and it’s wise to get Fernando Martinez more fastballs, and to spell Wright and Castillo, I just didn’t think he’d do it all in the same day, Bobby V-style.


Buzz: Phillies seek Ace to Replace Myers

The Phillies announced yesterday that Brett Myers will miss the rest of the season recovering from hip surgery.

As such, Ken Rosenthal of believes the Phillies will look to acquire a ‘top-of-the-rotation type,’ such as M’s LHP Erik Bedard or Astros RHP Roy Oswalt, since they do not have the money to pursue multiple mid-level pitchers.

…i know the Mets need a bat, especially if the Phillies are hell-bent on getting an ace, but i wonder if Omar Minaya will redirect his mission and look to get in the Phillies way by seeking a pitcher as well, you know, Epstein-Cashman style… given Citi Field’s play, and the Mets ability to play small ball of late, i believe it makes more sense to focus on improving the pitching staff, bench and defense, than the offense anyway

To keep up with Phillies trade rumors, check out MLB Trade Rumors.


News: Castro Traded To White Sox

Last night, Ramon Castro to the White Sox for RHP Lance Broadway.

Broadway, who is 0-1 with a 5.06 ERA in in games this season, will report to Triple-A Buffalo.

Omar Minaya, on the decision to trade Castro, speaking to reporters after the game:

“On a night like tonight, when Omir Santos plays the way he has, it makes the decision easy for us to keep him.”

Added to by Matthew Cerrone:

This is the right move, in that the Mets cannot remove Omir Santos from the current roster with the way he’s playing.

That said, they are making a big gamble in that, as Howard Megdal and Ted Berg pointed out to me, if Santos stops hitting, or either he or Brian Schneider get hurt again, then the Mets have very little to choose from in terms of minor-league catching and options to fill in on the bench.

In the end, Schneider is probably the guy who should have gone, in that he’s making more money and is the weakest hitter of the three. The team clearly tried to trade him in the off-season, speaking with the Red Sox and other teams, while hoping to sign Jason Varitek or Ivan Rodriguez to a short-term deal, according to previous reports, but it didn’t work out.

It appears Schneider is due more money than the Mets clearly want to eat, and so it’s him and Santos for the duration.


Quotes: Mike Pelfrey – About Last Night

Mike Pelfrey, who allowed just one run and truck out six over 7.2 IP – his longest outing of the season, talked with reporters after last night’s win against the Marlins, and had the following to say about:

On his preformance:

“I know if go out there and pound the strikezone  and use all my pitches to get ahead I know can go deep in the game. I try not to walk anybody and do my thing.”

On Omir Santos’ ability behind the plate:

“He does a good job of calling a good game. He knows the hitters. He mixes it up and doesn’t get caught up and trying to throw a sinker. He wants me use my secondary stuff, which makes my fastball better.”

Since returning from the disabled list on April 25th, Pelfrey has allowed three runs or less in each of his seven starts, pitching to a 2.93 ERA.


Quotes: Jerry Manuel – About Last Night

Mets manager Jerry Manuel talked with reporters after last night’s win against the Marlins, and had the following to say about:

On being surprised by Omir Santos play this season:

“He is a Major League hitter, which has been surprising. We all thought he could receive and call the game. The surprising thing is that he has hit and hit well in the clutch. That’s big for us.”

If he thinks Santos wants to be in clutch situations:

“It looks as if there is no panic or anxiety when he is in those situation. I think that is half the key to being a good player in those situations is not to panic and to know that the pressure is not really on you, but on the pitcher. He seems to understand that and grasp that.”

On the team’s odds with bullpen pitching in extra innings:

“Those guys did an excellent job. We took some chances and probably pitched to some guys that we could have probably gone a different way. We feel that is a big part of the foundation of this team is the bullpen. When we get to that part of the game we feel pretty confident.”

On Mike Pelfrey’s performance:

“I thought what he did in the first couple innings with basically all fastballs and an occasional slider or off-speed pitch. As the game went on it looked like he threw those things early for strikes, which is very impressive. Dan Warthen has encouraged him to use his off-speed pitches because he knows they are going to be needed. The more he uses them the more effective his sinker is. I was very impressed. He is always a guy that seems to keep his pitch count down and pitch a quick game. We also usually play pretty good defense behind him.”

If he was surprised the Marlins paid a lot of attention to Gary Sheffield at first base during the final inning, given his age and lack of speed:

“Not really because once it gets around the league that everyone runs on the team you have to pay somewhat attention to it.  Gary has always been a good baserunner and got a bag here and there.  It’s very impressive to see him with that much attention being paid to him and still being able to get a good jump and steal that base.”


Post Game: Mets 2 Marlins 1

The Mets (27-20) defeated the Marlins (22-27) by the score of 2 to 1 in 11 innings tonight in Citi Field.

For a complete recap, boxscore and stats, click here.

The Least You Should Know:

  • Omir Santos cemented his spot on the 25-man roster tonight, going 2-for-5 with a homerun and two RBI. Santos hit the walk-off single with one out in 11th inning after MetsBlog’s Mr. May, Gary Sheffield stole second and advanced to third base after Marlins catcher Ronnie Paulino’s throw went in to center field.
  • Mike Pelfrey was tremendous tonight allowing just one run over 7.2 IP. He also struck out a season-high six batters and has now done so in consecutive starts. Pelfrey was mixing in more of breaking pitches and throwing them for strikes, which left the Marlins off balance all evening.
  • Bobby Parnell, Francisco Rodriguez, J.J. Putz and Pedro Feliciano combined to pitch 3.1 innings of scoreless relief.

Other Moments And Observations:

  • Sheffield continues to be impressive on a nightly basis. Even when he isn’t driving in runs, he does something in every game that helps the Mets win. He also became the first hitter to hit a ball off of the Acela Club, unfortunately it was just a loud strike.
  • David Wright struck out with the bases loaded and one out in the eighth inning. He has now struck out 11 times in his last 25 at-bats.

The Game Ball:

  • Tonight’s Game Ball goes to Omir Santos, who accounted for the entire Mets run production tonight.

The Mets continue their weekend series against the Marlins tomorrow with Tim Redding facing Josh Johnson, starting at 1:10 pm EDT.