News: Phillies acquire Mateo

The Phillies have acquired RHP Julio Mateo from the Mariners, reports Jayson Stark at

…from what i can gather, the Phillies had been working quite hard to get one of Soloman Torres or Damaso Marte from the Pirates, who have insisted upon including Jack Wilson, which, obviously, the Phillies did not wantso, mateo is philly’s guy…good luck with all that

News: Gagne to Boston

The Red Sox and Rangers have agreed to swap RHP Eric Gagne in exchange for RHP Kason Gabbard, OF David Murphy, and 16–year-old OF Engel Beltre, reports Buster Olney on

According to NESN, Gagne will waive his no-trade clause and will serve as the team’s set-up man in exchange for the roughly $3 million that will cover all remaining performance bonuses in his contract.

Buzz: Mets, D'Backs, Nats Three-Way

the buzz from arizona suggests that the D’Backs are readying the promotion of OF Justin Upton, in the event they ship either OF Carlos Gonzalez, 1B Conor Jackson or OF Carlos Quentin to the Nationals for RHP Chad Cordero

update…3:33 pm

In an update for the Stark Report, at, Jayson Stark writes that the Mets, Nationals and D’Backs are actually discussing a three-way deal, as the Mets will only part with RHP Philip Humber in a deal for Cordero.

News: No Return of Payton

the Mets will not be acquiring OF Jay Payton, in case you were worried he may return to Shea Stadium…

Buzz: Prospects for Gagne from Red Sox

According to’s Buster Olney, the Red Sox will send RHP Kason Gabbard, OF David Murphy, and 16–year-old OF Engel Beltre to Texas in exchange for Eric Gagne, assuming Gagne and his agent, Scott Boras, approve the deal.

Buzz: Bye Bye to Dye

In an update for, Ken Rosenthal writes that talks between the Red Sox and White Sox regarding OF Jermaine Dye have ‘seemingly dead.’

…from what i can gather, it’s either the Red Sox or bust…at that point, if he does not get traded, i would not be shocked to see him eventually re-sign in chicago

Buzz: Dodgers Back at Blanton

The Dodgers and A’s have re-started talks involving RHP Joe Blanton, reports Buster Olney on ESPN.

…i have talked with a few people today, one reporter, one minor league guy, etc, who feel the Mets are not nearly as interested in blanton as people seem think

At Gotham Baseball Magazine, Mark Healey has repeatedly written that if the Mets were to ever make a deal with the A’s it will only be for Rich Harden or Dan Haren.

Buzz: Humber in Deal for Cordero

According to Jon Heyman at, the Mets have offered Philip Humber to the Nationals in exchange for RHP Chad Cordero, though they refuse to part with OF Carlos Gomez, OF Fernando Martinez, or RHP Mike Pelfrey.

…in other words, like i said a few moments ago, i think humber is a lock to be in this deal, assuming it actually happens, and, at this point, the Nationals are simply left to choose who that second prospect will be, which, now seems to be among a short list topped by Kevin Mulvey or Mike Carp

Heyman notes that the D’Backs have begun talks with the Nationals regarding Cordero, as well.

update at 2:47 pm

At his blog for the Washington Post, National beat-writer Barry Svlruga writes that if the Red Sox acquire Eric Gagne, the Mets will be the final team in the running for Cordero.