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The News

“I had a conversation with Al and his agent last night and we both decided to explore other options that are out there. We came to an agreement and we’ll revisit [negotiations] after the holidays,” Mets GM Omar Minaya told reporters last night.  “We agree that we got to a point that there were options that Al wanted to explore and that we wanted to explore so let’s look at those options and see where we are. It’s fair to say that we got to a point where we said the free agent season is in front of us. We’ve worked at this [with Leiter]. It started before I got here. Through the process we’ve talked to him about different contract proposals with the free agent market and the clubs that are available to him and all. We have options we want to review and Al has to review what’s in his best interest.” 

Jon Heyman of Newsday reported during his weekly appearance on the Michael Kay Radio Show on ESPN 1050, that the Mets may look to pursue RHP Matt Clement as a possible replacement for Leiter. Adam Rubin of the Daily News claims that Eric Milton and Brad Radke also appear to be on the “Mets’ radar.”

“It will probably take at least a four-year deal to sign Pavano”, his agent, Scott Shapiro, told the New York Times, yesterday. “We’ve been very clear. Carl is looking for a home.” Pavano will travel to Detroit, Baltimore and Seattle, leading up to the winter meetings from Dec. 10 to 13 in Anaheim, Calif. “It’s very possible a deal could be done during the winter meetings,” Shapiro said. Minaya told the Times that he would contacting Shapiro, in hopes of arranging a meeting to occur during the Winter Meetings in Anaheim December 10-13.

From the Boston Herald: “Move over, Red Sox and Yankees…The Mets have joined the table in the hunt for Pedro Martinez.” According to multiple baseball sources, the Herald claims the Mets have “significant interest” in signing Martinez. The Red Sox have reportedly offered Martinez a two-year, $22.5 million, while Martinez has been adamant about obtaining a four-year deal wherever he lands. Kevin Kernan of the New York Post believes the new position stems from the following: “The big thinking in Metland is that they might as well go after the big names, since they are big market.” 

The Notes

Kevin Czerwinski of reports that, although the Mets have not contacted Richie Sexson or his agent, Casey Close, Sexson has made it known he is very interested in playing for the Mets. “Sure, I’m interested in the Mets,” Sexson told “They are committed to winning. Obviously, New York is a tough place and all, but they have great players now and are just a couple of players away. It’s definitely an option. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Willie Randolph. I’ve talked to [Jason] Giambi and a couple of other guys who have said he’s a great man. He’s seen a system that’s run the best possible way to run one [with the Yankees], so that’s a positive.” 

The Mets hired former Chicago White Sox manager Jerry Manuel as first base and outfield coach, Sandy Alomar Sr. as bench coach, Manny Acta as third base coach, Guy Conti as bullpen coach and Ray Ramirez as the team’s head trainer. Where is Mookie? During his interview with MetsBlog, Will Carroll, medical exeprt at Baseball Prospectus, raved about Ramirez’s skills, proclaiming his acquisition by the Mets as a “great hire.”

Rudy Jaramillo agreed to a new contract with the Texas Rangers.

Following a well-earned vacation, Adam Rubin of the Daily News returns with the following two tidbits, 1) Cuban defector Alay Soler was let go by his winter league team after compiling an 0-2 record and 5.28 ERA in five appearances, and 2) though first-round pick Philip Humber remains unsigned, an “ultimatum may be coming soon to move that process along.”

According to the Star-Telegram, the Mets offered C Mike Piazza to the Rangers for 2B Alfonso Soriano. The paper states that, according to Rangers officials, Alfonso Soriano won’t be traded, and that the Mets aren’t willing to trade SS Jose Reyes.

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The Tango

Minaya told the New York Times that he has not talked with the agent for 1B Carlos Delgado.

The Journal News reports that Minaya has been in touch with the agent for 1B Carlos Delgado.

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It’s obvious that the Mets will have a new name in their starting rotation, and it will likely be one of Pavano, Milton, Radke, Martinez, Clement and so on.  Who it’ll be specifically doesn’t matter today, nearly as much as Minaya’s shift in direction from the traditional mindset of the Mets.  

Acquiring Sosa is an old school Mets move.  Accepting Leiter’s aging skills and acquiring a younger, stronger free agent to take his place is new school.  And I welcome the breath of fresh air.  Let’s hope it sticks.


So far we’ve heard rumors out of Texas, Anaheim and Los Angeles that the Mets are trying to move Piazza.  As the saying goes: where there’s smoke there’s fire.  In the case of Texas and Anaheim, both teams have admitted their need for a designated hitter.  However, both teams were unwilling to take on Piazza unless the Mets take on a significant portion of his salary.  

In speaking with Ken Rosenthal of the Sporting News last night, it sounds as though Anaheim is the best fit to obtain Piazza, but that they have so many other pressing needs, and would prefer to keep their financial liabilities limited until the Carlos Beltran and Randy Johnson markets shape up, that any deal sending Piazza to the Angels will have to remain on the back burner for quite some time.  


Two different Texas newspapers have reported the Mets offering Piazza or OF Cliff Floyd, not to mention all the Reyes rumors from last season, for 2B Alfonso Soriano, who has openly stated his refusal to play the outfield.  

Again, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Why are the Mets so high on Soriano.  


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Soriano is the most overrated player in baseball.

Keep him away from Shea as he’s a train wreck of Steve Phillips-proportion waiting to happen.

“I’ll play in New York,”

We’ve heard that Pavano, Radke, Sexson and Delgado, as well as countless others through the years, say they’d love to play for the Mets.  Yet, nothing ever comes of it.  Most of that blame can be placed on a set of confused owners.  However, a substantial part can be attributed to the strategy of a sports agent, luring as many big market teams into the bidding of his client as possible.

For this reason, I put little stock into these comments made by players to reporters about their desires to be in New York. 

I’ll believe it when I see it.

On Thanksgiving

Metsblog will not be posting daily updates through the holiday weekend.  

However, should a major signing or trade occur by the Mets, rest assured we will post it and provide commentary, as well.

Have a great holiday, and be thankful for whatever makes you happy.

The Confidence Rating

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being most confident and 1 being no confidence, how confident are you in the Mets ability to make the playoffs within three years time?



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Has Not Fulfilled His Potential…

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The Notes and News

The Korea Times reports that Jae Seo has asked the Mets to trade him. “I told my agent that I want to play for a team that really needs me and where I can start regularly,” Seo told the Times.  Seo went 5-10 with a 4.90 ERA in 21 starts last season for the Mets. “I told him that I had some troubles with (Peterson),” Seo said.

When asked whether or not the Angels are still interested in acquiring C Mike Piazza, Mark Saxson, Angels beat reporter from the O.C. Register, told Metsblog’s Matthew Cerrone, “I just think it’s unlikely at this point that the Angels are interested in Piazza, A) for financial reasons, B) because I think they’re intent on getting a center fielder and/or a short stop right now.  I think it could happen eventually, but I don’t think it’s a front burner thing right now.”  To listen, or read, the entire interview, check out MetsBlog Radio.

The New York Post reports that, according to sources, Yankees coach Rick Down has turned down a managerial assignment in the Yankee minor leagues – therefore, when his contract runs out, the Mets will sign him to be their new batting coach. 

The Star-Ledger reports that Mets GM Omar Minaya and LHP Al Leiter will meet today.

Minaya told the New York Times that Carlos Delgado’s representatives have contacted him, but no dialogue has occured because the Mets’ talent evaluators are concerned about Delgado’s defense.  Minaya tells the Times that many options for first base exist in the trade market.

He Said, She Said

The Daily News: “Mookie Wilson interviewed for the first-base coaching job last week, but he isn’t expected to be brought back.”

The Star-Ledger: “Minaya said he hopes to announce the coaching staff today, which will include the return of Mookie Wilson.”

The Quote

“I couldn’t be more excited about staying here. I knew New York was the place for me.  I look forward to helping the Mets get back into the playoffs.” – Kris Benson, following the News of his return to the Mets, as quoted by the New York Post

“Our policy is nobody’s untouchable.” – GM Omar Minaya, as quoted by the New York Post.’s Take On


Both Vern Rhule and Peterson insisted Seo learn a two-seam fastball that cut in on righties, but he was reluctant to make the adjustment.  Be it a straight refusal or a communication breakdown, it’s obvious the Mets should accommodate Seo’s request. 

It’s a shame, because he is a nice kid and full of talent.  However, if he wants elsewhere and doesn’t fit into the team’s plans, I just as soon see him traded.

Good luck, kid.


Lee Jenkins, of the New York Times, makes a case for acquiring Sosa today.  He also writes the following: “Whatever Piazza, Garciaparra and Sosa accomplished for years no longer seems to matter to many fans, who demand production in the present and are more likely to invest loyalty in a team than in a player.”

Uh, yea, Lee…We’re Mets fans, above and beyond everything else.  Jerry Seinfeld was right when he said sports’ fans ultimately are just rooting for laundry.  And I believe that’s a good thing.

I respect players. 

But, I love my team. 

There’s a bid difference. 

This day and age, with free agency acting as the piano in an exhausting, Hot Stove game of musical chairs, I think the fan’s dedication is honorable. 

I’m proud of this, not ashamed.


“When we traded for Kris, our evaluators here really felt Kris was a pitcher who has not fulfilled his potential,” GM Omar Minaya told the Star-Ledger.

Hmmm….Brad Radke, who is just two years older than Benson, has five 12 win seasons, nearly three times more wins for his career, and five more seasons under his belt, and also wants to come to the Mets, will earn roughly $7 to $8 million per year having fulfilled his potential.

That being said, how come Benson, who hasn’t fulfilled his potential, is getting paid the same money that Radke will get?

The Confidence Rating

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being most confident and 1 being no confidence, how confident are you in the Mets ability to make the playoffs next season?



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MetsBlog Radio: Mark Saxson, of the OC Register, talks Mets-Angels

There have been a lot of rumors floating around of late surrounding the Mets and the Angels, most notably a deal that would send Mike Piazza to Anaheim for either Jarrod Washburn or Darrin Erstad.  Metsblog’s Matthew Cerrone talks with Marx Saxson, Angels beat reporter from the O.C. Register, to help sort it all out, this evening, at…


To listen to the interview, click play on the link below.


Note: If you refresh the page, or post a comment during the broadcast, the interview will stop.


In the event you are unable to listen along, here is a short re-cap of the exchange…


Matthew Cerrone, editor and creator of


The New York Post, the Miami Herald, the Sporting News, the New York Daily News, they’ve all reported that the Angels are interested in acquiring Mike Piazza from the Mets, I guess to be the team’s DH. 


Ken Rosenthal of the Sporting News went as far as to claim the Angels could end up sending the Mets any combination of players ranging from Jarrod Washburn to Darrin Erstad. 


What’s your take of this situation, and do you see these two teams as having any sort of fit?


Mark Saxson, Angels beat reporter for the O.C. Register


I think they might.  I’m not sure that one is what the fit will end up being.  For one thing, I think since those reports came out the Angels did trade Jose Guillen, who I happen to know Omar Minaya was interested in, and I think he might have been part of the deals that were talked about.


I just think it’s unlikely at this point that the Angels are interested in Piazza, A) for financial reasons, B) because I think they’re intent on getting a center fielder and/or a short stop right now. 


I think it could happen eventually, but I don’t think it’s a front burner thing right now.


Matthew Cerrone


Do you know if the Mets made an offer for Guillen, and if so, what was it?


Mark Saxson


I was told that the Mets were involved…I think they probably just didn’t offer the same package that the Expos did.  Most teams probably though they had the Angels right where they wanted them, sort of desperate to trade a guy, so they probably didn’t offer much, and my guess is that’s where the Mets fall in.


Matthew Cerrone


Will the next centerfielder for the Angels be OF Carlos Beltran?


Mark Saxson


I think they have about $20 million to play with next year, which, coincidentally, is the number for Beltran that’s been thrown out there.  Its possible.  They’ll be in on it, for sure.


Matthew Cerrone


Just our of curiosity, why weren’t the Angels as overly concerned about Vladimir Guererro’s back?  I mean, obviously it was a huge issue not to sign him to a long-term deal, according to the Mets, so why were the Angels willing to take that risk?


Mark Saxson


I think because they could.  I don’t think they expected him to be around when they signed him.  And I think that’s absolutely the reason.  Can you call a $70 million deal a bargain?  Probably not. 


Matthew Cerrone


Well, of course you can.  Relatively speaking to what a player with his stats cost and what he brings back it’s a helluva an investment, I think.


Mark Saxson


Right.  And ya know, he did have a couple of minor health issues during the year, but we just talked to him and he said the back was never an issue.   He never once thought about coming out of a game because of his back. 


Matthew Cerrone


Interesting.  Actually, it’s not interesting because I don’t think that’s much of a surprise. 


Mark Saxson


Ya know what, though, yet if it happens and his back goes out in two years, though, and the Angels are still left holding the bag with $35 million on the deal then the Mets are going to say, ‘we were right, because we didn’t want to give him five years.’ It is a big risk.


Matthew Cerrone


Hindsight is always 20/20.


I appreciate your help, Mark, and thanks for coming on. 


Mark Saxson


Anytime, Matthew, take care.


Matthew Cerrone


Thanks, man.


In Case You Missed It: Kevin Czerwinski of on MLB Radio’s Mets beat reporter, Kevin Czerwinski, appeared on MLB Radio’s Hot Stove Special this afternoon.  He talked a lot, and we provide a re-cap of the interview…


Czerwinski had the following to say about:


the Mets minor league system, following last year’s Trade Deadline raiding for RHP Kris Benson and RHP Victor Zambrano


“There’s a lot of talk about picking up people from Oakland, or picking up Mientkiewicz from Boston, and you can’t do that if you don’t have people to offer.  Right now the Mets don’t have any talent that’s Major League ready to offer.  The pitcher they do have left, Yusmeiro Petit, is down in AA, he won’t get above AAA, if he even gets that far, this year, and they still haven’t signed their first round pick.  So, they have a lot of work to do.”


the Mets’ budget and Minaya being at the helm


“The Mets are going to have an increased budget this year, that goes without saying – it’ll probably come in around $100 million, which is about $15 to $20 million more than it was last year.  But, we’re kidding ourselves if we think they’re going to go out and dump serious money on OF Carlos Beltran, or any one of these guys.  I would love to see that happen, and the Mets will certainly talk with Scott Boras and make Beltran an offer,  but I would not be holding my breath waiting for him to wind up in New York – if he does wind up in New York its going to be with the Yankees.”


whether not OF Magglio Ordonez would be a good fit for the Mets


“If healthy, that’s the big thing.  Mo Vaughn really hurt them, in that they’re all spooked with what happened to him and they don’t want to make that mistake again.  Now let’s face it, Scott Boras is going to want the King’s random for all his guys, regardless of whether or not they’re hurt.  They Mets are going to upgrade – however, your idea of an upgrade, and their idea of an upgrade are two different things.  The Mets just aren’t going to spend that kind of money, that’s not their M.O., I don’t care who the GM is, or what edict the ownership has given him, it’s just not their M.O.”


whether Al Leiter will be back with the Mets


“Let’s hope not.  And that’s nothing personal, its from a baseball stand point.  The guy averaged 108 pitches an outing this year, and he averages just over 5 innings an outing.  He kills your bullpen, he’s not very effective, his ERA over his last nine starts was pushing 6.00, he’s been on the DL each of the least two years and he’s 39-years-old.  If you have a chance to go out and get Matt Morris, or Carl Pavano or Brad Radke, or anyone else, and spend some money and get a guy you can lock up for a couple of years, why would you bother bringing back Al Leiter.”


on a potential deal with Oakland for one of the Big Three


“Not right now it’s not.  I could see the Mets offering a package of Yusmeiro Petit and Lastings Milledge, or something like that to get one of these guys.”


Troy Glaus playing 1B for the Mets


“I spoke with Troy Glaus’ agent the other weekend, and he said he’d be more than happy to play first base if there were no other options at first base, and that’d he love to play for the Mets.”


is C Mike Piazza a Met in 2005


“I would say: No.  Only because they’re trying to move him, and last week Fred Wilpon came out and I’m not going to let personal feelings get in the way – and in the same breath he said, ‘I want Al Leiter back.’  As much as Piazza’s production has gone down, he’s not a bad guy in the clubhouse – he’s not a great guy in the clubhouse, he’s clearly not a clubhouse presence – ya know, he shows up, looks at his mail, goes to the trainer’s room and sits there until he has to come out and get dressed, doesn’t talk to anybody really, doesn’t pay attention to anybody.  If you’re going to keep Piazza around as a catcher for a year, you can do worse than a guy that’s going to hit .280, hit 20 homers and knock in 60 runs.  And the pitchers do like throwing to him, he does call a decent game.  The only problem is they don’t have enough catchers.  They’re not going to give Vance Wilson the job, they’re trying to unload Jason Phillips, Mike Jacobs – the other catcher in the system – is coming off surgery and isn’t that good anyway, and they traded Justin Huber.  So unless they go out and dump a boat load of money on Jason Varitek, they really don’t have any where else to turn.”’s Take


I love Czerwinski’s bluntness.  It cracks me up.


The thing is, in addition to being funny, he is also rarely wrong in his opinions. 


A reader on this site once said Czerwinski should be the GM of the Mets.  I would agree with that.


Of note, however, was the claim that the team’s payroll could reach $100 million.  Considering it currently stands at roughly $75 million, with Benson and without Leiter, it is hard to imagine them spending $25 million and not landing a Pavano or Beltran.  And yet, it could happen.


It’s going to be a tumultuous off-season. 


Four Locked Up, The Other Undecided

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The News

The Mets and RHP Kris Benson agreed to a three-year, $22.5 million contract.  According to Newsday, the deal also includes a $2.5 million signing bonus and a $7.5 million club option for 2008 with a $500,000 buyout.

The Mets announced on Friday evening the additions of OF Ambiorix Concepion, OF Angel Pagan and RHP Matt Lindstrom to their 40-Man Roster. The Mets 40-man roster is now at 37. Missing from the roster, and thus available in the Rule V draft is LHP Royce Ring, Alay Soler and Blake McGinley. 

He said: Baseball sources have told the Daily News that LHP Al Leiter is “still very much undecided” about his future and is not close to signing with the Mets. 

She said: the New York Post reports that the Mets are “getting closer” to re-signing Leiter.

Multiple reports over the last few days indicate that the Mets have offered Leiter a Leiter a one-year deal worth more than $4 million with bonuses that could add another $3 million to the package. 

The Star-Ledger and Miami Herald claim that, in addition to the Phillies and the Yankees, the Marlins have interest in Leiter – with the Star-Ledger going as far to say the Fish offered Leiter a deal. Also, the Daily News reports that Leiter met with Yankees GM Brian Cashman at a midtown restaurant Friday.

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The Notes

If Leiter departs, the Daily News quotes Carl Pavano’s agent, Scott Shapiro, as saying his client “absolutely” would be interested in talking to the Mets.  The paper further notes, however, that Mets GM Omar Minaya has had no contact with Shapiro.

The Nationals’ acquisition of OF Jose Guillen from the Angels now gives the team four outfielders, and, in turn, could make 1B Nick Johnson expendable.  According to the New York Daily News, the Mets could be interested in trading for the former Yankee. 

Ken Rosenthal of the Sporting News writes the following: “The Devil Rays are willing to trade any of their five highest-priced players–IF Aubrey Huff, C Toby Hall, IF Julio Lugo, RF Jose Cruz and closer RHP Danys Baez–but not for cost-cutting reasons. “If we could get the right young player or two and free up money to get another player, then we’re getting two or three for one,” G.M. Chuck LaMar says. Huff is the least likely to depart.”

On November 11, Peter Gammons of ESPN reported that Tampa Bay is “trying to clear salary” and shopping 1B-OF Aubrey Huff and C Toby Hall. However, the following day, in an interview with, Carter Gaddis, the Devil Rays’ beat reporter for the Tampa Tribune, debunked Gammons’ claims.

According to the Star-Ledger, the Mets offered the Angels C Mike Piazza or OF Cliff Floyd in exchange for Guillen. The Angels were more interested in acquiring more younger, cheaper players for Guillen, who is due to earn $3.5 million next year, and, instead, traded him to Washington.

The Arizona Fall League has concluded, with Mets C Joe Hietpas, OF Wayne Lydon and SP Brian Bannister turning in solid performances…

Joe Hietpas C 48 15 3 0 3 0 2 8 0.310 0.380
Wayne Lydon OF 116 33 1 1 12 14 6 19 0.284 0.320
Brett Harper 1B 51 13 3 1 4 0 4 16 0.255 0.309
Player Pos W L IP SO BB ERA
Brian Bannister SP 2 0 14 17 4 3.77
Royce Ring RP 2 2 15 10 5 5.28
Matt Lindstron RP 2 1 15 9 10 4.11
Kevin Deaton SP 0 1 18 5 11 10.31’s Take

On Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson missed more than half of last season from a back injury at the start of the season and a broken cheekbone at the end, so his numbers, .251-7-33, were a tad misleading.  The year before, however, he hit .284 – .304 in the two-hole – with 14 homers with a .422 on-base percentage in 324 at-bats for the Yankees.  Additionally he is 26 years old, bats left-handed, is very good defensively, made just $1.25 million last season and has proven he can play in New York.

To say Johnson is patient would be an understatement – he drew 70 walks, versus 57 strike outs, in 324 at-bats in 2003, while hitting equally against lefties and righties.  Additionally, he will put the balls to all fields, with most coming as line drives in the gap.  His ability to get on base, take pitches, draw walks and spray the field make him an ideal number two hitter behind SS Jose Reyes.

He is not a “sexy” player, formed in the mold of a John Olerud.  However, he would be an ideal player to join Reyes, 3B David Wright and 2B Kaz Matsui, to comprise a young, inexpensive and exciting in-field, locked in place for a number of years.  

The two questions, however, are: 

1. What would the Mets have to give up for Johnson?

2. Having missed substantial time due to injury, at such a young age, early on in his career, is Johnson worth banking on?

On The 40-man Roster

A player that is not on the 40-man roster is automatically eligible for the Rule V Draft.  If drafted by another team, he must appear on his new club’s 25-man roster the entire year.  If he is dropped at anytime, he can be re-claimed by the team he was initially drafted from. 

In other words, best of luck Royce. 

On Leiter

Not for nothing, but if the option is Pavano or Leiter, which I’m sure is oversimplifying it, I’d be quite comfortable going into next season with Glavine, Trachsel, Pavano, Benson and Zambrano, with the latter locked in place for the next three seasons. 


Our posting of the Sammy Sosa poll, comments and webpage were a tremendous success.  So far, 866 people have voted, with 70 percent against the acquisition.  The poll will remain open until tonight.

Tuesday morning we will be emailing the results and comments to editors and writers at all major New York newspapers, and to the Mets public relations and media relations department, including Jay Horwitz, the team’s public relations director.

Therefore, if you haven’t done so already, please forward to anyone you believe has an opinion on the matter.  The more votes we have, the more impact we will all have.

Note: If you would like to write a Fan Editorial for Metsblog, click here: I Want to Write!

The Confidence Rating

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being most confident and 1 being no confidence, how confident are you in the Mets upper management?



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OF Guillen Traded to the Expos, not the Mets…

According to the Associated Press, the Angels have agreed to trade OF Jose Guillen to the Washington-bound Expos for OF Juan Rivera and a prospect.

When asked where Guillen could eventually be traded to, Jayson Stark of ESPN said, “I keep hearing the most likely destinations for Guillen are Washington or the Mets.”

Guillen hit .294 with 27 homers and a career-high 104 RBI in 2004.  He is owed $3.5 million next season.


MetsBlog Radio: Interview with Kevin Czerwinski of

the Sosa rumors to the Piazza rumors to the status of Leiter to the health of
Reyes, there is plenty on the mind of the Mets fan these days…to help sort it
all out, Kevin Czerwinski, Mets beat reporter at, joins MetsBlog Radio,
this afternoon, at

listen, simply click the play button below.

Note: Audio will stop if youpost a comment or hit refresh on this page.

Comment Sound Off

The Smoke

There has been wild speculation that the Mets have interest in acquiring OF Sammy Sosa from the Cubs.

The Fire

It is obvious to everyone that these rumors have tremendous merit.  On the heels of this news, a plethora of editorial content has been pushed forward on whether or not the Mets should acquire Sosa.  Journalists, from ESPN’s Buster Olney to Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci to the Bergen Record’s Bob Klapisch to Ken Rosenthal of the Sporting News, as well as radio talk show hosts at ESPN 1050, WFAN 660 and MLB Radio, have all voiced their opinions against the acquisition.  

Fans have expressed discontent, too…to say the least.

The Reaction

This webpage has been created to give fans an unlimited platform of expression, with only regards to their opinions on the Mets potential acquisition of Sosa.

The Goal

Our plan is to send this webpage to each and every editor and beat reporter in New York City and Chicago, as well as to the Mets public relations and media relations department, by the middle of next week.  

How they each choose to use the remarks on this page is entirely up to them.

The Rules

First, cast your answer to the following question: Do you want to see OF Sammy Sosa on the Mets?

The comments section is currently closed.  However, the poll will remain open until Wednesday, November 24.

The Note

Please forward this page to any one you believe has an opinion on this topic.  Thank You.

The Poll

Do you want to see OF Sammy Sosa on the Mets?





Carm H

Downside, Sosa flops and we pay him for two years. Upside, he plays all season and hits more homeruns than any player in Mets history. I say do it.


Getting Sosa is probably the worse move Omar can make to start his regime. It seems exactly the wrong message about the vision and goals he is pursuing.
Hopefully he will hear the voice of the fans.

Steven, from Tacoma

I say yes if only its straight up for Cliff Floyd and there is a minimal amount of $$$$ increase.


NO to Sosa

William B

I don’t see the issue of getting him as an all-or-nothing situation. He could help or hurt. But IF he fills our RF hole at little cost, that frees up money for another big FA in the OF or at 1B. That’s a GOOD thing…


Simply put, if you bring Sosa, please cancel my ticket package. And I don’t want to hear about Latino population coming to see him. I’m in that demographic and I rather see John Rocker pitch for us.


Yes, if the price is right.


I don’t want Sosa. If we acquire him than nothing has changed with this team. I thought by bringing in Omar he would steer this team in the right direction. We could’ve got Duquette to make the same move under Wilpon.





















They need to be smart and go after young stars.


We’re a rebuilding team and Sosa is a one, maybe two, year played. Why devote a position to him when we have long-term needs? Especially at that price.


It befuddles me that every executive that comes to take over any NY franchise feels that NY fans will not stand for a rebuilding process..Isiah Thomas, Scott Layden, Glen Sather, Steve Phillips, Grunfield, etc..New York is one of the smartest sports towns in the world with one of the most loyal fan bases around. We have a young nucleus. Stop living in denial and build for a brighter future. Go for Beltran!


No way. Why?

Sosa’s OPS 2000-2003: 1.174, .993, .911, .849. Salary 2004 = $17 million

Victor Diaz’ OPS 2003: .850. Salary 2004 = $300,000

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. – Aldous Huxley


No! Sosa is a shell of the slugger he once was. Moving from hitter-friendly Wrigley to Shea at his advancing age, I expect he wouldn’t hit any better than a Floyd/Diaz combo next year. And why give Randolph the headache of managing a prima donna? Sosa = just another George Foster/Mo Vaughn.

Brett Taranda...

I can’t even fathom having to give a reason! Isn’t it obvious??? We will make Sosa’s life miserable! And in turn he will make Willie’s life miserable!


Getting an aging, shrunken perhaps post-roids Sosa instead of investing in youth and talent in the outfield–to my mind, this would be a major negative turning point, not only in Omar’s regime, but in recent Mets history, on the scale of not retaining Olerud, re-signing Rey Ordonez, getting Moo Vaughn, passing on Arod, signing Glavine, missing out on Vlad, etc. Just when we thought it was safe to hope again, it looks like the realities of mediocre management will crush our spirits again. It just hurts to see it coming.


What happened to our youth movement?

Brian B

One year, YES. Two years, NO!

Ian, from Hoboken

Mets management consistently misunderstands its fan base. We aren’t Yankee fans. We will support the team through a rebuilding process. We want a team with young guys from our minor league system, a few savy veterans tossed in, and absolutely no more over-priced former all-star hired guns.


Note to Fred- this isn’t real estate- you can’t buy old, decrepit players and hope somehow they magically come back with the market.

J in FL

Before I want to see the Mets win, I want to see them regain credibility among their fans, among the media and among MLB Players and Officials.

Ian C

Because, to paraphrase that magnum opus of baseball movies, Little Big League, you can’t manage like a fan. So Omar needs to let go of the Ghost of Sosa Past and get with the future. 




Sammy Sosa is a once great athlete who has been on a serious decline for the past three years. He’s old, half as large as he used to be, and as he recently showed, a selfish man who whines about his spot in the batting order and puts himself before his team (and if you think his numbers at Wrigley have been on a decline, just wait’ll he gets into the batter’s box at Shea).

Blue Monday 88

Here’s an idea — build a team around the youth of the organization — and try not to trade them away for a hot lunch — and try not to trade for an aging overweight obnoxious diva. Hey, why not get Star Jones to play then?

Senor Mike

Acquiring Sosa is a repeat of past mistakes: specifically trading 1 problem (a declining former star) for a bigger problem (a more expensive former uber-star). Even if the money washes – which I highly doubt it would – I see far more harm than good coming from his acquisition. Specifically in the clubhouse and from fan feedback.

Jim A...

Some real simple math:

Sammy Sosa + Mets uniform = MONUMENTAL DISASTER

Don’t do this to the team, to your fans, or to your new rookie manager. Leave Sammy right where he is in Chicago, OK?

Dave J







































Pleas God no, I’d rather have Hidalgo.


No Sosa, no way.

Steve 5

If Omar wants to move Floyd, trade him to an AL team and take back salary – don’t make the situation worse by bringing in a “name” player like Sosa who will hurt this team more than help it.


Three words:
Use your head man.




Those who do not learn from mistakes of history, are condemned to repeat them. If the GM wants to be around for the long term, he must plan for the long term.


This is a disaster of Vaughn proportions, except this time insurance won’t get us off the hook. If Minaya does this, he’s a GM worthy of the Wilpons.


The Mets should not waste time on acquiring another player whose best years are behind him. 


I find it hard to believe that Met brass have not learded from past mistakes. They cannot seriously be considering another bone head trade for an aging players well into decline. Are you kidding me? Wise up, will you please!!


Sosa will not be able to survive the NY fan onslaught while showcasing his (post juiced) warning track power and defensive incapability in Shea’s vast outfield. This will no doubt lead to the whining “why me” attitude that Sosa seems to fall back on too much of late. Bring in the hard nosed ballplayers of the here and now (or maybe tomorrow) that play hard all of the time, not the next fallen star with a prima donna attitude.


I understand Omar wanting to make a big splash in his first offseason for the Mets, but I fear he might be smashing his head on the bottom of the pool if pulls off the Sosa deal.

Anthony De Rosa...

Why are we even talking about Sosa????? YES TO BELTRAN!!!


Realistically, it’s a bad idea. I say realistically because Sosa might be a good idea if we could ADD him as a slugger as opposed to REPLACING another slugger (Floyd or Piazza) with him. If we could have all three of those guys at the same time, it might work. At least I’d like to see if it would work. But realistically it’s waaay to expensive. Please don’t screw it up by trading for Sosa!!!

Lucy B

Sammy comes in, I stop going to Shea.

Daniel S

No. We should finish paying Bobby Bonilla and Mo Vaughn first

William L

To quote Chris Berman of ABC & ESPN “Say it ain’t Sosa”


If they make this trade, Met fans should boycott Shea Stadium and and anything having to do with the NY Mets until Wilpon sells the team!


I want the Mets to go in a clear, new direction, one that does not involve substantial commitment to veterans clearly past their prime.

Brian P...

NO to sosa.. Use the money to go after Beltran instead…10 years younger and a better overall player.

Old Backstop...

Sosa is a proven cheater, a proven liar, disliked by teammates, aged, oft injured and horrendously overpaid. The Mets would be better served going in a different direction.

Steven Y


Robert M, of DC

Why do Met fans need to be sold on someone? Can’t we get a player that I WANT to “buy” into? An organization in the rebuilding stage needs to quit looking for diamonds in the rough and focus on the players that are already good (Beltran, Vlad, A-Rod, etc)!!!

Amit J

A big fat No! Why spend around $15 million on sosa, when you can spend a couple mil more and get Beltran, or simply spend it on two players, Magglio and Pavano/Clement/Lowe, and be a much better team.

Rolando R

Is there really a reason to say yes?

Mark K, from NYC

I think that trading for Sammy Sosa would be a horrible move for the NY Mets…Haven’t the Mets learned their lesson on fading ex-superstars? One word…Beltran!


If Sosa joins the Mets then Rickey Henderson should throw out the first pitch for the 2005 season to Bobby Bonilla.

Jake G

I believe Omar Minaya is simply blind to the facts of this trade due to his personal feelings for Sosa.

Jon K

Please sir no more.


Sammy Sosa was a great ball player, the key word is was. The Mets are famous for trading for or signing players on the downside of there career. They need to spend wisley and get a player in there prime to help this team. Dont they get it?

Beth DiC

Last year at this time, Kaz Matsui was being hyped as a gold-glove infielder…Enough with the hype. The Mets need to get younger, faster, hungrier. Sosa is not the answer.

Matt from Nashville

Grumpy, spoiled, declining, overpaid, old, steroid-enhanced primadona? NO, THANK YOU!!!


NO to Sammy..he’s well past his prime.This is a move the 2002 Mets would have made.

Mark L

Dumbest. Move. Ever.

Mark, a concerned fan, from Corona, NY

We need to build this team with youth. Not surly fading former superstars like Sammy Sosa. Please don’t let this trade happen. It will not improve the New York Mets!

Vince L

Absolutely NOT. The absolute worse way to start your career as a GM Omar is to bring Sammy in. He doesn’t fit the direction the organization has gone in the past few years. We have gotten away from the Bonilla’s and Coleman’s who are attention needy players. 

Jim, from Cazenovia, NY, with a haikus

Sammy’s career: great!
But we need a team player
And he isn’t one

Marketing pluses
Outweighed by declining stats,
Enormous ego

Shea is not the place
For one-dimensional bats
Who can’t field either