The News

  • David Wright had three hits yesterday, including a two-run homer, as the Mets played their first intrasquad game of the spring, reports the Journal News. “This is the first full game I’ve had a chance to see him. He swung it great,” Mets manager Art Howe told the paper. “That’s why we’re pretty high on him.”  Victor Diaz made two errors at third and even forgot to cover the base on one occasion, a mistake that led to another error and a run for the opposing team.

  • The Daily News tells a quick anecdote about Jose Reyes standing in a batting cage watching Braden Looper pitch.  After jumping back at a Looper fastball, Reyes turned to Mets brass behind him and said, “Diablo!”  Glavine then commented, “The kind of guy that everybody wants as their closer is the kind of guy who has the opportunity to come in and dominate, that has the kind of stuff that’s going to blow people away

Stay In Texas…Please!

The News

  • The New York Post states that if the Mets and Rangers were to strike a deal for Alfonso Soriano, Texas would want Kazmir, who was just named the sport’s 12th-best prospect by Baseball America.
  • According to the Bergen Record, Mets’ officials insist Scott Kazmir is not available for a trade, particularly in any deal involving Alfonso Soriano.  The Record claims The Mets are interested in Soriano but aren’t willing to part with Jose Reyes or Kazmir.
  • The Dallas Morning News claims sources from the Rangers say a package could be formed from the Mets’ system that would make sense to the Rangers. The problem, however, is that for the deal to make any sense to the Rangers , Reyes must be included.
  • At any rate, the Post actually claims that Mets’ interest in Soriano may be fading anyway, quoting a Mets official as describing Soriano’s fit with the Mets as a “square peg in a round hole.”
  • Lastly, according to the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Rangers GM John Hart and assistant general manager Grady Fuson insisted there have been no talks with the Mets, and the Rangers don’t seem motivated to trade Soriano.  “We’re completely happy with what we’ve got,” Hart told the Star-Telegram. “We’re not out there churning the trade waters. That’s not something that we’re interested in.
  • According to the AP, Kazuo Matsui will miss two days of workouts and at least five exhibition games after suffering a deep cut on the middle finger of his right hand yesterday.  “He’s lucky he didn’t break his finger,” Reyes told the Journal News. “The ball hit him good. It was no bad hop, it just hit him.”
  • The NY Post reports that Reyes jammed a finger on his right hand and looked shaken up after transferring the ball during double-play drills, yesterday.  Reyes insists he is fine and continued to work on the field.
  • FOX Sports reports that Mike Piazza has looked “shaky” while fielding grounders at first base.  Adding that he seems “tentative while making the soft toss to a pitcher covering first base but is making strides.”
  • The Sports Xchange believes left-hander Lenny DiNardo will eventually end up back on the Mets.  DiNardo, a Rule 5 selection, has been unable to pitch off the mound because of a sore shoulder and is one of six lefties trying to earn a place in the Red Sox bullpen.  The Red Sox must keep DiNardo on their 40-man roster all season, otherwise he returns to the Mets.
  • Lastly, the Palm Beach Post prints a great feature on Jae Seo.  It should be noted that the PBP makes habit every season of publishing outstanding, obscure features on random players.  It is a great Spring tradition from the Florida paper.